Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dad can you make this?

Dad? Do you think you could make this for me?
My Dad is an extremely talented Man, who can just see something and go back to his shed and make it exactly how I want it. He always adds a bit of him to it which is why I like him to make things for me, everything he does is thought out and made with recycled and new wood. Another good thing is when Dad makes something, it ain't going to break!!
Then there is Mum, who just as talented, can finish it just the way I like. These two are the only people I would trust to make and finish Furniture for me. I love you two dearly, you are the BEST. Nessa xxxxxxxxxx
By the way, I finally got my ABN number Yay!


  1. Hi Ness, love your style, would like to contact you about your products, would really like to have these items in my own store. cheers Melvina

  2. Errr, yes, and when you've finished please may I have one too? :-)


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