Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For the Stylist In Us All...

I would love two of these for the boys. They are so quaint and nostalgic.
bunches of this looks good....anywhere!
finally a little display for the Hall.
Hope you are all well,
Nessa xx
images- Vogue, Aust Country Style


  1. Oh I love this. Your blog is fab.

  2. Hi Ness - thanks for stopping by The Laurel Hedge & your lovely words. Your posts are lovely, how exciting you are going into the homeware business!

    Tassie is one of my favourite places & we get down there as often as we can. A friend has a lovely house tucked away @ Miena so thats always a drawcard!
    Millie ^_^

  3. Thanks Ladies, and thanks Millie. We love Tassie and have been here for just over 5 yrs now (from NSW originally), we would never go back. This is definately Home.

  4. Those old toys do look great,don't thye. But they're alway either so expensive that I wouldn't want my children to touch them....or they fall apart at the first glance!


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