Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Gorgeous Barn

Hi all,

Today I found this old picture of Maggie Tabberer's Barn in the Southern Highlands NSW. The photo is so old she may have sold by now. I think it is the sweetest little (ish) thing. The interior though is so stylish, like the owner that I put this lovely chair of hers in as well.
Thanks again to Alison at and to my buddy Shell for your recent comments, they are always welcome. I will let you know about the bags too, Shell.

I think tomorrow I will have a day off as I have ALOT of sewing & painting to catch up on. Saying that though, I am addicted to blogging and may not be able to stay away. Hope everyone has a great day...Ness xx

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  1. ahh, another pretty post! i'm adding you to my blogroll tonight. ;-)


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