Monday, June 23, 2008

Inspiring Childrens Rooms

Imagine if you had a playroom like this to keep you would never annoy your Mum while she was cooking Dinner. How cool is this room? I love the double desks for art and the big, bold floor cushions, also the stripe lounge (which would be forgiving too).
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These two rooms are adorable. I absolutely love the espresso cover with antique white and the blue. This room wouldn't need updating for ages. Declan, our just turned four year old would "like one of those beds". He does have good taste that child.
If I had a girl I would probably have a room like this for her. This room is all about being a girl I think. I could imagine being a teen in here too trying to hide the fact that you smudged Mums new Chanel lipstick on that lovely pink cover!
And no, I am not pregnant!!
Ness xx
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  1. My kids would love this. How stylish.

  2. I'm meant to be closing the laptop and going to sleep but couldn't resist a peak over here! Love the new layout, and that first kids room is almost enough inspiration for me to reproduce - stunning. Keep warm, I should't complain, I do live in the tropics ... xx

  3. gorgeous! God I love restoration hardware, and so excited the have started a childrens range (even though i don't have kids lots of my friends do and they need spoiling!) - thankfully the are in US so we can't purchase hey!

  4. See if RH were here, my Husband would hate it. I think I would have to buy shares hee hee. Our home is from the late 1800's and there stuff is a perfect match for it. It is like Tiffany's for your House. mmmmmmm! Thanks for stopping by Kimberlee. Great to meet more mad decorators like me!

  5. If I had a girl, I'd like a room like that for her too. Since I have a wonderful boy, I like the blue, brown and stars above too!

    Great website!

    Big Hugs,



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