Friday, June 20, 2008

The Most Wonderful Laundry Room

OK! I am so wanting a Laundry Room like this. I would spend all my time here I would think. It even has a place for all your Gardening bits and bobs. It is exactly the type of decor that would be in my dream Laundry...even down to the lighting. I love this. I actually found these pics at the house that a-m built. See the glass jars on the counter. I think I am going to get some of those when I go to the Gift Fair for the shop (and possibly some for the house). My Mum will love this room also...maybe we can do something like this in your next house Mum, what do you think?
Ness xx


  1. I agree completely with a really gorgeous laundry - if you have to do it, it may as well be done in a pretty space! x

  2. Oh thank you for the mention and lovely to meet you! My cabinet makers have drawn up plans for my laundry based on those photos that I found at 'Villa Anna's' blog. Of course I wont have the marble sink, 3 washing machines and centre table (room is too small for it) but definitely similar cabinetry... surprisingly affordable... I went for 2 pak satin shaker cabinets, frosted glass, laminate benchtops and the SAME crystal knobs! How wonderful is blogging for home inspiration! We are still a long way from having a house let alone a laundry but it is going to be an interesting, creative process. My builders are gritting their teeth already! Brace yourself boys! A-M xx


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