Thursday, July 31, 2008

As an artist you can imagine I have loads of favourites. They range from Renaissance right through to surrealism and street art. I just love it all and delight at seeing the talent in each of them...I get excited, sorry! As I blog I will slowly show you this huge range of favourites, but for now these will get the ball rolling. The image above is by the beautiful Maggie Taylor, it is called I'm all grown up now and is from a series which is influenced by Alice in Wonderland. I love her work. She usually paints solitary people/animals and has done a gorgeous range without any beings..I am going to buy some prints of those.
This is by Australian Artist, Jeffrey Smart, who was one of the main influences for my major work. His scenes are very urban and he also paints solitary figures in most of his works. Geopoliticus Child - Salvador Dali
This is another of my major work influences, Salvador Dali. This man is a genius! Surrealism at its best...a master of the brush. I don't even need to explain.
Another great painting. Everyone seems to recognise the melting clocks..I love them. Well that was an introduction to my vast array of favourite Artists. Sorry if I raved on a bit.
Ness xx


  1. Love the post... it's so surreal!
    Off to pop around your site... have a surreal day!

  2. Thank you Fifi. Have a great day too.


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