Tuesday, July 22, 2008

French Country

French Country in Canada has the sweetest store front that I have seen in a while, and as I am now planning the shop lay out I have had this slight!! fixation with store fronts and layouts...sad I know. The planter boxes outside is something I was planning on our store front. I think I will have an old black bike with a basket of flowers instead.
This utterly divine wire and paper piece is called 'La Chateau' and is available through French Country it even has little bistro chairs and table inside..how cute. I can imagine that they are not cheap though.
Here is a find of mine that looks the part and didn't cost a bomb. This is a canvas style print, is backed with red velvet and only cost me $1.98 each. Needless to say I bought a whole stack of them. This one is in my Kitchen above my bench. People always wonder how much it cost me and just about die when I tell them...
Here is another of my $1.98 finds. It is here in the office (sorry about the skew-if photo). My Mum must have bought one of every print they had as she took bags full back with her from Tassie (much to Dads horror) and passed them out among my Sisters. See, style doesn't have to cost a fortune...xx
images-french country, ness lockyer.

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