Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A hint of 'Somethings Gotta Give'...

Today I have been looking through some Home Beautiful Mags and came across this house which I love. It is home to Ceramist Kate Shea. I adore this room and would love my lounge to be covered in white with that style of cushions on it (have to wait for jam hand stage to be over first)...
I also love the look of her dining area with the French farmhouse work table. The portrait is a 1920's watercolour of a Shakespearean actor she bought at Christies in London (she lived around the corner). Don't you think the whole look is like "Somethings Gotta Give"?...
AAAHHHH! The set from said movie. I am in love with the set designer. This is everything I would want in a house if I had a chance to plan from dirt up. I would say "here, re create that".
These chairs are so like Kate's dining room chairs. I love them. I think I would have them in our outdoor area at our current Home though. For more great images that will remind you of this set and just great homes, photos etc go to the page is called 'This is glamorous' it is such a fab site. I think I am going to watch the movie...again!
Ness xx


  1. Your top pictures - I LOVE THEM! This is what I want. New England meets France. And the dog can come to ;-)
    Very inspirational - thank you.

  2. I haven't seen the movie, but I might have to watch it now just to see this gorgeous room from different angles. And those black chairs are jut what I am after for my balcony. By the way, I have white slip covers on my sofas and love them - even with 5 kids under 10. I find they wash really well (even jam comes out with Napisan!)

  3. ahh, that's one of my very favorite movies...don't you wish you could just live in that film?! did you know that it's all just a set, not a real home? amazing!

  4. Oh, Oh, Oh, that top picture!... I have saved it in my 'drool' file. I also love the idea of the rustic farmhouse table. Yes the movie set is to die for..... lots of those pictures now in 'the file'! A-M xx

  5. Oh my God , your page is beautiful. I love this movie and that home in the top pic is to die for. When you find a builder to do your 'something to die for' set, can you send them to my place. Ill order one too!


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