Thursday, July 10, 2008

My love of White

I am still so in love with white. Even after all the funky designs and fabrics I have come across on my search for the perfect things to fill our store, I just always come back to the comfort of white. I think that it is a refuge from all the colour I am surrounded by through my work, a time-out from in all. When I am in a white room I can totally shut off and think of new inspiring creations.

image:Somethings Gotta Give

Although this room is yellow, the white buffet and hutch tones it all down...and how can you argue with it when it is from THE MOVIE

image: unknown

I love the casual style of this starting to rust bucket and the showy Hydrangeas. I love these flowers (esp in white) and have them along our picket fence at the front of the house. A mixture of white, pink and blue. They seem to turn whatever colour they feel like!

image: Sarah Richardson

This room is totally me. Somewhere to recharge after a day of Mummy duties and the shop. A big window to watch the world go by and not to think. I would love a chaise. Linen slipcovers would be my fabric of choice with a big feather cushion/pillow and a vintage white linen neckroll.

image:Sarah Richardson
I love these French doors with a view to the garden. One day!
The duck egg blue dinner service goes so well with all of the white. Sarah at her best. See the panelling on the counter to the left? That is what I want on the shop counter.

Hope everyone is well and thanks to all the lovely emails and comments. Ness xx


  1. Oooh, lovely whites. In a sometimes chaotic world with so many things to do, I simply need lots and lots of white around to keep me focused!
    Thanks for the link. I'll have a look right away.

  2. All things blue. I know you are a fellow lover of white and I love seeing all of your white posts...even your blue ones! Enjoy the site too. xx

  3. Lovely pics Ness - the Sarah Richardson rooms make me want to just jump right in, sit down & relax!
    Millie ^_^

  4. ooh, i downloaded that kitchen picture for my home makeover inspiration binder!


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