Monday, July 21, 2008

Nordic White

This gorgeous home on the Danish Coast is filled with shades of white, silver and warm wood which fits so well with the Colonial house that envelopes it.
This beautiful table is by Christian Liaigre, as well as the footstools. I think this goes so well with the Shabby Chic lounges from the States and the white floors.
This Kitchen is simple but divine with the American Squareback 1106 Aluminium Chairs from 1932. The concrete floors were grooved while wet to look like it. Double Butler sinks to hide all the cleanup while you entertain would be bliss.
In the Guestroom which is housed in the attic under vaulted ceilings, is a antique iron bed which is dressed in only white linens to keep the space light and paired with simple sea shell prints which mirror what is found out the front door by the wooden boat ramps.
The main bedroom is understated chic. This beautiful mirror is another piece by Christian Liaigre. The whole Home is stunning and I wish I could show you more.
Ness xx


  1. Such lovely images Ness. Don't think I've seen a coffee table quite as big!

    The-Man-of-the-House would be in seventh heaven thinking of all the stuff he could spread out on it & leave - footy tip sheets, laptop, the week's newspapers, etc. etc - what a nightmare!
    Millie ^_^

  2. This house is beautiful. Maybe you will have to post the other images in another post soon. Congrats on the award, your blog is fab.

  3. I love how sparse the bedroom is...and it works so well. Divine

  4. This is a house that I have been scouring the net for the photos - I have some ripped out from a mag but was searching to no avail! Can you send me the link...? It is so sublimely stunning!

  5. Will do Emma. Hows your decorating going???


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