Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sublime Outdoors..and French Doors!

Outdoors is something of an illusion, a fairytale here in Tasmania at the moment. F-reezing! I can't bear to take out the bin in the morning until about 11am. Anyway I wanted to show you these beautiful outdoor areas. This one is to show my Mum and Dad the French Doors that I want to encircle our home when the wrap-around Veranda is done...they are the exact ones Mum! I could imagine these on our house and basking in the sun for a casual breakfast, watching the boys Summer!!
The great Queenslander. To those of you that have never seen one, it is a stately old home with glorious fretwork and high ceilings, in the tropics of Australia with huge verandas that are extremely deep and very high off the ground to let the breeze circulate and cool things down. Some people even have their bedrooms out here. You can basically create another home on your veranda. Wicker , white and Palms always work in these homes I think.
French Doors, French Bistro chairs and a stone table. An outdoor retreat to die for. Just don't forget the ticking.
A wooden dining can't go wrong. The more weather beaten, and sun bleached the better. It is a patina you can not recreate. Terracotta abounds here, filled with Lavender, Magnolia and a standard...gorgeous! Love the cheese dish too.
all images from my LOVE file... Home Beautiful , Aust country Style and Porchlight Interiors


  1. I have that outdoor setting - the stone and the iron chairs. But it looks better in this everything always does!

  2. Living in Brisbane I always love outdoor rooms. The french doors, bistro chairs and ticking photo is from Brisbane stylist Porchlight Interiors. It featured in Home Beautiful some time ago, I just love it!!! Great Post...Amanda

  3. I would love one of those settings with the bistro chairs. i will have to wait for a while though as we only bought one last summer and I am certain I wouldn't be allowed to get a new one this year..I can dream!! I will name Porchlight interiors on the page, thanks your blog!

  4. Just beautiful images. I LOVE the bistro chairs! A-M xx


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