Monday, August 18, 2008

Cotton Love...

I adore this Home, which belongs to Susan Shellers, who owns the delicious homewares store Cotton Love.

This hallway is stunning. It reminds me off own own home. OH! Guess what? I think I have talked Mic (Hubby) into an all white make over...yay!

I am currently tracking down this very Picasso print (among others) to display in our Bedroom. If anyone knows of it's where abouts, please email me. I have a new respect for Cyclamen now I have seen them in these Terracotta tubs on the table.
This room is sophisticated, without loosing the Family feeling it has...a warmness in all the white. Beautiful

There is something about the raw materials, being uncovered, tacks and all that fits well with this space. If I tried it, it would look like I was waiting for the Upholsterer to come and collect it!

This room is gorgeous too! The old clock is what Susan's Children learned to tell the time on. How great is that. The Parquet flooring in the Dining area, along with the wood in the Kitchen floor where all given a special bleach-type finish which looks superb against the chairs, clock, mirror frame and counters....I love this Home. Ness xx

Images - 1 & 5-Notebook, 2,3&4 - Cotton Love


  1. Hi Ness, keep these beautiful images coming - so much inspiration, if only the kids wouldnt mess it up he he he, Mel xx

  2. Great post Ness - what a gorgeous home! Good to hear Mic's come around to the white makeover - your powers of persuasion are awesome!
    Millie ^_^

  3. Thanks a bunch Ladies. I love to hear what you think. I know I am on the right track then. I am glad too Millie...I am over the current colour.

  4. Thank you!! I bought the Picasso at a cool gallery in the south of France - just behind Nice. I hope you get to go there.
    Best, Susan Sheller
    PS - Slip covers are the secret to keeping your white house white with young children.


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