Friday, August 22, 2008

French Ecclectic

Welcome to the whimsical world that is Ici Et La. A store here is Australia that has a wonderful array of French influenced anythings for your Home. Their site is full of eye candy, although I could only show a few. This table setting above, complete with French basket is something I would imagine in a little town in Provence. I would think it had a bike out the front with a basket full of flowers...and a bread stick.

I am a sucker for any letters, wood, zinc, metal, even plastic. These are divine. I know of a store here that has the word 'Den', all in capitals and the letters have been aged to look like the cream/white paint is starting to rust and flake off. I am deciding what to have in our idea yet!

My Sister would love this boat, probably not in the house though. It would make a great sand pit for the kids, a huge flower box or, you could add a piece of glass to the top and have some bench seats around for an outdoor setting. What do you think?

I plan to have some chairs on our shop wall (more to do with space than visual styling). I'm wondering if that is the top of a beautiful Louis chair in the background.

Everyone can do with a mannequin I think. A display for just about anything. I'm keeping my eye out on Ebay for one to put in the shop, or two!
Have a great day. Ness xx

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