Friday, August 22, 2008

Have a great Weekend

What a lovely room. Sunny, bright...and white!
I am hoping to bring you some great posts next week of things I have picked up for the shop.
Let's just hope my Camera hangs in there!
I will also be trying to convince Mic to move some rooms around in preparation
for the all white makeover...and sewing...and Spring cleaning still.
Wish me luck and have a great Weekend.
Ness xx
If anyone knows where this photo is from or it is yours, please let me know...I forgot! Ta.


  1. ooh just found your blog - how lovely it is. Your building looks lovely - where in Tas is it? Can't wait until you open!


  2. Hi Michelle, We are in the Tamar Valley, just north of Beaconsfield (where the mine disaster was). We are hoping to open later this year, so much to do. You'll have to come for a visit when we open and have a look. It's nice to meet other Tassie bloggers.


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