Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beautiful Things

image - Better Homes and Gardens
I love this chair, with its beautiful patina. Even though it so rusted, it fits so well with these fluffy white towels. A image of texture and form.

image - jeanne darc living

These lanterns would look glorious lined along a long jetty to a still bay, leading you to a pair of white Adirondack Chairs, a bucket of bubbly and view of the stars.

image - ville-kulla

I still have a thing for zinc letters, and love this one as it stands for Love, Luck...and Lockyer!

image - Provincial Home Living

This photo is divine! The stone walls, beautiful windows, French cane baskets, metal tubs and loads of natural linen, and sumptuous towels. It has the feel of a old French wash house...here in Australia.

image - Provincial Home Living

Finally...warm woolly blankets for this cold freeze we are having...in glorious colours.
Keep warm everyone. xx


  1. Me too.... I love stone and beautiful windows, metal and cane and natural linen...the images are beautiful... it's even cold here in Brissie this morning so I am drawn to all the blankets! A-M xx

  2. I love these pictures of course! Provincial Home Living is one of my fav shops.

  3. What a gorgeous winter post! I love the white lanterns and the collection of rugs...beautiful.

  4. Thanks ladies. It is Freeezing here in Tas so I couldn't think of anything else but getting warm!! Ness xx

  5. I love Zinc letters too. They are not cheap though so I am trying hard to think of something incredibly clever/witty/meaningful to say before buying any. With 7 of us, even our initials get a bit pricey!

  6. I'm a letter freak - so have loved this post.
    Millie ^_^


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