Monday, August 25, 2008

They are on their way!

I am so excited to finally have some stock coming from an actual supplier, I had to show you all a few. I adore these hanging 'Pod' lights, and I think I will be getting some of those for the outdoor area seeing that Spring, and the entertaining season is around the corner.
These bowls are so versatile. I have imagined them with a cluster of tea lights, some floating flowers and candles, the obvious choice of fruit, and Autumn leaves (that's miles away yet), plus loads more. They are mosaic tiles on a generous size plate/ them.

How could I not get some letters? These are Aluminium. I have thought of the word I want for the shop, Vintage. What do you think?
These balls would look great in the fireplace with the Neem Balls I posted about a little while ago. The candles would bounce light off the glass.
My new favourite Hurricane light (I have a thing for them). An indoor/ outdoor piece I think. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I didn't get to do much...Oh! I did change the Living room around! Ness xx

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