Monday, September 1, 2008

...and it's all white!

image - Country Style, via Lily-G
We had a really lovely Weekend, with Mason turning 2! Lot's of pressies and a big boy bed.
I also found my decorating soul mate in Judy from Lily-G. She done a post on my little blog, and said some lovely things about it. We have a very similar style and taste. I looked through the entire blog, and had a ball at all the French, white and beautiful schemes she creates and finds.

image - Eplans, via Lily-G blog

Judy also has a stunning shop, and Website that you must immediately have a look at. Hope you all have a great day...I will. Ness xx


  1. Hi Ness, again i am in heaven looking at these images...i am at work right now and wish i could zoom home and start creating! Glad your little one had a good birthday - enjoy the young years as mine are teenager and tweenager and its not pretty at times lol !!Mel xxx

  2. Thank you so much for the plug Ness and if I can give you any shop advice on my return please ask I would love to help, see you soon
    Judy x

  3. I think these images are just beautiful, I have just ordered the book, "Swedish Interiors" where the first picture original comes from, and I hope it`s lots of photos like this in it, will show some on the blog if the books is abook to recommand. The picture is from Martina Arfwidssons home, where Lexington Company shot theyre fall collection, all of the house is gorgeous!!!A favourite of mine!

  4. I totally agree with you all about these stunning pics. Camilla, I may have to buy that book, now I know where they are from, and like you I would hope the rest of the photos look this stunning. Anything Lexington is right up there on my list of loves. Lily, thankyou for stopping by again, and just before your trip too. Have fun, and I may take you up on the advice thing...Thanks.


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