Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have had this House stashed away in my Favourites file (which is busting at the seams) for a while now, but could never get it to load....ta da! Here it is. It is in New Zealand, and available to rent for Holidays etc. This is where I should go for my Holiday.
They would have to do a stock take before I arrived, there are lots of 'bits' I would take home.

Even the most mook of a Cook could make something fantastic in here. I love the fact that there is only drawers below, all the cupboards are left up the top. Also, you can't see any cooking mess because of the great rise above the bench.

The colour scheme in here is so restful. Putty, biscuit, wheat, Oatmeal...whatever you would like to call it, it is lovely. This is the actual photo that I showed my Husband before Mum and I attacked our Bedroom floor (which is actually the other Living Area) with white paving paint.

There are lots of interesting decorative touches all around. I like this little display of wooden objects and the artwork. Uncluttered, neat and interesting.

This isn't from this House...from the same mag though...I just had to add it. Hydrangeas in a white vase against a white wall, on an old wooden table...ideal. Ness xx

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  1. Great photos! I laughed at the stocktake part haha. I would be the same!

  2. Now that's my idea of a holiday house! So gorgeous, and the colours are so relaxing.

  3. Beautiful! Love the hydrangeas too!! Amanda x

  4. Snap! I have this place in my tear sheet collection too! Did you look at the website Just heavenly...

  5. Lets go, I'm there. What a great escape, but I'm afraid if I would go I would never leave. Thanks, Heidi

  6. Thanks for the great holiday tip.
    Wooden object are very much Vicente Wolf (my favorite)
    Love your blog!!!

  7. Hi all, Maybe we can all go for a blogging holiday?? I haven't been to that site Michelle, but I am on my way! Thanks Viera for stopping by, and leaving a comment. Ness xx

  8. Oh I want that house!! How much Ness for a complete makeover like that one :-)

  9. Are you thinking of decorating Shell?? I would do it for free for you luv. Hope you are well. xx


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