Friday, September 5, 2008

I Wish...

...that my Linen cupboard looked this beautiful. Yes, I am still Spring Cleaning and this Weekend amidst Fathers Day, Shop things, craft project etc, etc, I will be pulling all from my Linen cupboard, sorting, chucking out, airing, re-folding, and re discovering Linen which has been lost to winter...which will mean that all surfaces in our Home will be recovered with something new. I love Linen and have lost of vintage pieces, just my cupboard doesn't look as fancy as this. I will take a photo once I am done.

image - Country Home
I hope it to be this organised, but as pretty as the top photo...wish me luck and have a fantastic Weekend. Ness xx
PS - the top pic is via Kate's Journal, who is an up and coming Interior Designer...and works with one of the best.

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