Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Don't get upset...Christmas is 15 weeks and 2 days away!!! I do believe that in a past life I was a Christmas elf! Sorry, I LOVE Christmas and have started fantasising about what I am going to do this year with all the beautiful stock we will have in the shop. I am hoping we will be open for the Christmas season.
These tin hearts are a favourite of mine and will be being sold in M&L...some will make to our own tree. We have to get a new one this year, and I plan to decorate it with glass, tin and white ornaments, and my masses of clear fairy lights.

I our little Cabana (if that's what you call it) where we had Christmas Lunch/Dinner last year, will this year be swathed in white cotton and white fairy lights. On the serving table I would love some of these vintage bottles flickering with candle light.

This would be the ultimate outdoor Santa present for our Christmas soiree. On the handles would be some raw Linen coloured pockets with a little letter and a vintage trinket for our guests to take home.

I could just imagine these Wasp Lanterns hanging from our huge Sycamore tree in the backyard. Not to catch Wasps, but to hold tea lights.

Once our feast was over, we could serve coffee to the Clan in these gorgeous Latte mugs, that come with a little spoon near the handle...maybe these could a gift, just tie a linen ribbon to the handle. hhmmm!

All of these products will be at M&L (except the bench chair, not enough room yet)..whenever we open. Ness xx

PS- Sorry if I have confused anyone with the photo change, but I somehow lost my other one and could only upload this one.


  1. Goodness Ness, you've just sent me into a cold sweat with this post! Christmas is known in our house as Family Feud Day (MOTH's side of the family provide us with many, many challenges!!) & I'm so not ready to even think about how I'll cope again this year with all their shenanagins!

    The decorations you've chosen are delightful, another reason to shop in Tassie & maybe forget to come home!
    Millie ^_^

  2. Don't you love Christmas! I come from a long line of organised planners. I started my gift shopping a while back but my mum has finished her Christmas shopping and they're all wrapped!

    Love those decorations Ness, your tree sounds beautiful!

  3. Oooh yes loving your ideas there Ness - i just about go crazy with my Christmas decor every year but up until now the whole house has been pink, roses and shabby chic so now i have changed things around a bit i may have to go in a whole new direction - yikes! Now i am really scared - Mel xxx
    p.s beautiful images as usual my fave website riviera Maison and i love the post below too , have been lucky enough to visit there when i went to Melbourne and loved it. Mel xxx

  4. I love Christmas time but my how close it is!! Better start planning! I love all these images and your ideas. Amanda x

  5. Yay Millie, your back!! Sorry chaps if I made you panic. Glad to see there are others out there that love the season as much as I. I could imagine you Mel as a xmasaholic too. Ness xx


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