Thursday, September 18, 2008

White Wash

How gorgeous is this Kitchen Island? Actually, the whole room is. The detail is stunning, the flowers!!

image - Colonial Homes

Oh....but this is my idea of a Kitchen. Silver taps that would go in our 1860,s era house, Belfast sink x2 (for serious washers), cup handles, beaded cupboard boards, and it is all white! Is it my eyes, or is that glass door knobs? Bliss. They even have Hydrangeas!!

image - House Beautiful via Heidi Claire

This Island is beautiful, and would also match our home. There are the taps again. I love the tea towel rails, which possibly came from a bathroom centre, and my new favourite thing of the moment...Cloches. They have used them here as big cake domes to compliment the cake pedestal....when can we paint?? Ness xx


  1. I love the second Kitchen too Ness. White Heaven. x

  2. Ohhhh another gasp from me! Those sinks - even i would love washing up there! Mel xxx

  3. Totally agree with you there Mel. Belfast sinks have been the number one thing on our reno kitchen list for about 10 years now...I will get there eventually!! Ness xx

  4. I absolutely love the top image....that really is the perfect kitchen! Thanks, keep the beautiful images coming x x


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