Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beautiful Rooms...

Image - via Katrina Chambers
I am not sure exactly what it is about this room I love. I certainly wouldn't put a Wing Back Chair at the head of the table, but the whole space has such a warmth about it.

Image - Notebook

The chair against the snowy white walls are lovely...and the drawers are a favourite.

Image - House Beautiful, via Camilla at home

Love everything about this room...floors, doors, table, chandelier...etc

Image - Christoph Living

Oh, and this divine chair (isn't a room, but I love it). I just thought I would sneak it in.

Anyway, my Computer tower is off at the Tech Doctors and I will have it back tomorrow. Thank God for my Mother-in-law's Computer. Ness xx


  1. Love those metal lightshades hanging over the kitchen table in the first picture. I would love some industrial looking light fittings like that, but can't find anything like it in Adelaide.
    PS thanks for visiting my blog and commenting - my first visitor!

  2. Love all those images - i am even kind of liking the wing chair. It is an eccentric addition but the clean white upholstery makes it fit. I can imagine lots of happy meals around that table.

  3. Lovely images as always. I hope your computer is ok!!!! It isn't nice being without them... Have a great weekend...c xxxx

  4. Beautiful images and good luck with your computer. Have a great weekend! Amanda x

  5. Thanks Ladies,
    I have it back now...I just need a new, faster one.
    You know, the more I look at that chair in the first photo, the more I like it. It is a fab Kitchen. I agree about it having great family dinners there, Vicki.
    The light shades are something I am thinking of for the shop counter. That's what drew me to the pic in the first place.
    Ness xx


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