Thursday, October 2, 2008

Colonial Queenslander

I love old Queenslanders and this one, Cooloolah, is just superb. They just don't make them like that anymore.
What a pool house!! It has a Kitchen and dining area inside, so water etc doesn't get traipsed through the main house. The Lagoon style pool creates a beautiful focal point for the backyard.
the vista is just as beautiful from the front entrance...I have always wanted 2 of those twisted boxwood's. I tried it on the tall pines we have...but nearly got attacked by the resident wasp!
Now, if this was my Kitchen...I would bake all day, after I had a dip in the pool. :) The bank of Colonial windows lets in the glorious light to bounce of the high gloss floors.
I had to show this picture for the lamp bases, and white slip covered couch...a dream of mine.
This fabulous fireplace is in the drawing room...yeah I could draw here too! It is a beautiful display of symmetry.
There are lots of calming nooks peppered around the home. This one just happens to have my favourite palette and chair. How great is that long window?
You knew the bedroom would be just as stunning! Vintage linens, beaded walls, shutters and fresh just ticks all the boxes. Have a great weekend. I have a great post on Monday of some furniture finds I bought today...before and after shots. I am still on a high from it all. I will be painting, tweaking, dressing and sanding over the weekend and can't wait. See you all Monday. Ness xx
images - Home Beautiful


  1. Those old Queenslanders are lovely.
    Can't wait for Monday.

  2. Just fabulous isn't it Ness! Living here would be like having your own resort, venturing out would be such a chore!
    Millie ^_^

  3. Ooh yeah i remember that one - was it in the Australian Country Style some time back? I think it was in Rockhampton from memory , just adored it and wanted to move in!! Now i wish we painted our house all white but really too much upkeep - maybe the next one!! Mel xx

  4. Such a lovely home, the one from wednesday as well!! Good look with your projects this weekend and have a great weekend:)

  5. Good on me! I thought yesterday was stupid am I!!!

  6. Wow Ness, this home is so gorgeous! If only all Queenslanders were renovated to this standard - so airy and light! Tracey x

  7. Hello
    I was so excited to see this on your blogsite as it is my home! A friend told me it was on your site. I am so glad you like it. I have also started a blogsite as I am an interior designer and feel it is a lovely way to communicate and be creative. I will stay in touch with your site - it is beautiful.


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