Monday, October 6, 2008

Cupboard Love...

image - Notebook
I was going to show you the furniture I rescued from a charity shop to turn into tres magnifique!, but I am having issues loading them up. It took nearly two hours to load this shot!! One of the pieces I bought is a single door cupboard which I plan to turn into a mini Armoire. Hopefully I can get the pics up soon. It may not look as fab as this piece...but I will do my best. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Ness xx


  1. That is a gorgeous armoire. I often have trouble uploading photos - I thought it was just my computer!

  2. Great site Ness, beautiful pics. You are talented, ahh to have that....! Will put it on my favourites and keep viewing.
    Well done.

  3. I am so enjoying your blog. What a great cupboard - I am sure the one you are doing will be just as lovely. I know blogger drives me crazy - but it seems to be only when you have used your internet usage for the month and everything is going slow! The joy of teenagers!

  4. Hey Tanya! Thanks for your comment...not much going on at work today I heard. ha ha. Mic told me about the comment you made about his photo.
    Ness xx

  5. Love this, I have one in my shop filled with ugly supplies I want to hide, but I love it with the linens. Thanks for the inspiration. Heidi

  6. Beautiful Armoire! I would love to have a piece like this to store all my lovely white items! A girl can dream! ?Right? hehe

    Can't wait to see all your new lovely items!


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