Thursday, October 23, 2008

Indoors or Outdoors?

This home I have in my file is in the NSW Southern Highlands. The whole house is stunning, but I wanted to show you this outdoor area, which I love. The huge Mirror over the table is just perfect for this space...I could spend hours here.

The indoors is just as divine. I love the doors, which are like my own and all of the little pieces that give this place a such a beautiful feel to it like the antique French dining chairs, urns and that lovely Chandelier. I don't quite know which is my favourite..I'm torn. Ness xx
image -Country Home Ideas


  1. I love the indoor photo with the beams and the mix of dark and white
    It has afeel of timeless relaxing elegance, and the doors are lovely lucky you Ness!

  2. Love the french doors. I want to install some in my own home - get rid of the daggy old sliding door.

  3. Isnt that just so stylish? I think i will have to stop visiting your blog (joking) as it is making me too discontent (spelling?) with my home!!! Every time i see these gorgeous piccies i oooh and ahh and want it ALL!! Mel xxx

  4. Me too Mel! lol. Every time I see a new interior I want to post, I think "maybe we can do this....", it is getting a bit much. I have 5 journals of ideas already!!

    I do love our French doors that look like this for inside, but I really want the smaller ones I have talked about before for the outside.
    Ness xx

  5. Isn't it wonderful that you can dine outside elegantly as you can inside... love dining rooms al fresco and formally indoors!
    LOVELY most!
    ENJOY your weekend!


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