Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An Inspiring Setting

I am so in love with this porch...vintage wooden ironing board used as a side table, Wing chair, French doors (the ones I want)...and that beautiful clock (I have a thing for big clocks)...all in a pale setting.
What a fantastic idea. An old table and hutch used on the porch to keep outside serving ware on hand...It would get so dusty at my place.
An outdoor screened room to die for. The owner has created all the Family needs whilst outside in the Summer months...goodbye plastic outdoor settings...hello squishy white sofas and vintage dining setting - bliss.
I love the shower area. Very whimsical, fun and beautiful...and I have the same soap dish!!
Love, Love, Love this kitchen unit. I did a post not long ago about something like this. I really want some of those big glass canisters on the bottom shelf. This whole piece sets of the owners Cornish ware and all of the mismatched blue and white china. This home is so warm and welcoming...I love it. Ness xx
images - Country Style
PS - I finally figured out why I couldn't upload..yay something simple for a change.


  1. Great photos, Ness! Love the last one in particular.

  2. Ness, you put that hutch on my veranda and it would be gone overnight! LOL

  3. Ha ha! Lady Jicky, you must be on the Mainland somewhere. It wouldn't happen here where I am.

    Welcome Manon...nice of you to stop by.

    Annechovie - I love that big display piece...I'm on the hunt!!
    Ness xx

  4. Love, love , love it - remember that mag - i was ruthless last year and got rid of my mags as they were taking over the house but that house was definitely one of my all time faves. thanks for the memories...Mel xxx

  5. Gorgeous home. I almost bought a similar ironing board in an antique shop a couple of weeks ago, but had too many of my kids with me to make rational decisions! Wished I had now though. Any storage unit with lots of cubby holes, like that one in the kitchen, makes me go weak at the knees...

  6. Clare...I bet you curse them that you didn't buy it!! and I totally agree about the cubby hole unit. Where do people find these things???

    Mel, I have culled so many times...except my US Country Home, I have been collecting that for over 10 years now...the stack is huge. ha ha
    Ness xx

  7. This country home is Heavenly!


    Anna :)


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