Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday's Love

We had the best weekend weather here. I got so much done as well. Now that it is back to the Monday ritual, I couldn't think of anything better than lying on this magnificent daybed. It would have to be swathed in white voile curtains to catch the breeze though.
This one would do too. It is called 'Moonbed'...I love it. It would be great to sit in in Summer to watch the kids playing outside, but...
...if it got cold out, I would want one of these gorgeous quilts near by. I do love a bit of red here and there.
This bag with a French Bee on it is simple and stylish, and I bet it could fit all my baby paraphernalia in it too.

Last but not least I love this print called 'Come fly with me' that I bought recently from Carambatack at Etsy. It is so whimsical and I have always loved Alice in Wonderland. The original artwork is on a vintage page from the 1800's.
Anywho, I have made some progress on my Furniture purchases I told you about not long ago..and I will show you all as soon as they are done. Have a great day, Ness xx


  1. Move over Ness - I love the idea of lounging on that beach day bed too!

  2. Love your Carambatack print Ness! Will take a peep @ their site tonight.
    Millie ^_^

  3. Lovely images as usual Ness - i just discovered Etsy and have made a few first purchases, cannot wait to get them - shame the dollar has taken a dive! Mel xxx

  4. Love the "Come fly with me" art. It is so cheery and fun! I’ll check out the site tonight!

    I can't wait to see all your new furniture finds!!!:o)

  5. Hello! Tanks for stoping by, I love catching up with your comments & your blog! Paris is beautiful but that bed on the beach looks like heaven right now! I just discovered Etsy from your page & I am dying for some time to look through it! I know I'll be buying something great! Oh well, back to the baby, I hear him waking up. Thanks again!

  6. Ness, Tim Burton is doing a new movie on Alice in Wonderland. Should be interesting!
    Love the print.

  7. So much loveliness. I especially love your new little print.

    Amanda xx

  8. Etsy is a fabulous invention/idea.
    I am constantly on there looking for something unique a new. I am glad I have helped some of you find it...and I agree about the dollar Mel.
    Ness xx

  9. How sweet! We do a mad hatter theamed tea party at our boutique. These would make really great cards!

    You have grreat taste!


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