Monday, October 27, 2008

New at M&L...

Here are some new History Tiles I have added to my Etsy Shoppe. This one is called 'Heart Script', and is 12cm x 14cm (as are the others here). I am so happy my little Camera done such a lovely job on the Photos.
This tile called 'Pear Script' has had a lot more views than I thought it would get, but there you go. I will be making a collection of these with other letters and fruits.
This is 'Quill Script', and another success with my little Camera I think. I can do custom and Wholesale orders. If you see something in the Tile collection that is sold, although they are one offs (being Handmade and all) I can make something very similar, but it will never be an exact....I like that though.
You can have a look at the rest here (there will be more soon).
Hope you like them, Ness xx


  1. Ness, Wow! These are so beautiful! And unique! Love the green in the pear. tata

    ~Miss Kris~

  2. Thanks Miss Kris,
    I have really enjoyed doing them, and seeing that I make it as I go I never thought they would turn out as good...i'm happy.
    Ness xx


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