Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Old, New And A Touch Of Whimsy

This beautiful home is in Sag Harbor, New York. I have been looking at a lot of shops etc from this area..this house was a treat to's a new build!

Inside could have been designed centuries ago. All the details would suggest to the disconcerting eye, that this home was a Castle in another life time. The iron Napoleon Bed is re used as the sofa and the vintage limestone fireplace cosies up to that stunningly simple cupboard.

The beaded board used here softens this formal staircase and gives it a sense of home, a well loved home. Viera, this is another for your Stair case collection.

I just adore this Kitchen. It is photos like these that make me want that white Kitchen. I am still debating on the French Grey or white (sample pots I think). I love the recessed panelling above the range, and the use of wood pieces, black bench tops and vintage hardware. Very welcoming. I could make gingerbread men in here for sure.

This stunning chair (a favourite style of mine) has been left with the hessian on it and the owner has purposely left it uncovered for some texture along with the fabric inside the cupboards. We actually have alcoves on either sides of our fireplaces and, Mic if you are reading this, we could so do this!

An antique clothes rack looks the part in the Master bedroom, along with the hat box and steamer trunk. I still can't get over that this is a new build.

What a lovely view. The tiles are salvaged Terracotta. Everything here has been thought of carefully, lighting, shutters, plumbing, sink...even the upholstered chair are all items that have been collected and scoured to give this home its beautiful look.

A little touch of whimsy with the child's camp chair and over sized scissors.

French File folders look like vintage linen and look fabulous on top of the vintage cupboard.

ahhh! The mannequin. I still have not found search will never end! This just goes to show that new doesn't have to mean heartless. You can still create a masterpiece with just a few individual and quirky pieces that need not cost the earth. Look around your own home and see what other items you can put to use somewhere unexpected.
I will say it again, but for a new home, it stands the test of time..I can't believe it still!!
Have a great day, Ness xx


  1. You are so kind to think about me and my collection.Thank youXXX

  2. So many lovely things to look at. I love all the vintage and other old bits and pieces. A mannequin is still on my To Find list as well!

  3. Hi! I found you over at The Laurel Hedge. Love your blog. I am also a fan of white.

  4. Hi Ness! Ah! I love that kitchen, what I wouldn't do for an island like that! My kitchen is so so tiny :) I am loving your tiles, the feather is my favorite I think, it's hard to choose! Wishing you well!

  5. I yes I fell in love with this house when I saw it too. This house is decorated with care and love. My house was brand new when I bought it four years ago and I fill it with old bits and bobs to give it some character.
    As for the kitchen colour, if I was chosing I'd go with white...grey may come and go but white is forever.


  6. This is just soooo stunning. As much as I am a huge fan of colour - this house is "giving good white"!!! Thanks for sharing Ness x

  7. This is the best house ever Ness - a bit 'Somethings Gotta Give' xv

  8. So many lovely things about this house - great find!

  9. Ah, glad you all liked it.
    Thanks Alice for stopping by too.
    Ness xx

  10. Ohh. I'm moving in.
    I agree the chair is the best.
    Love the old burlap on a french style chair.


  11. Wow, after seeing so many spectacular homes on the many blogs I visit, this one is definitely in the top ten. Simply stunning.

  12. This is one gorgeously, lived in home! I LOVE IT ALL! If you ever find a mannequin like this one, please email me... I am dying to find one just like this!

  13. Just the best Ness & so inspirational!

    Although MOTH's still unconscious from the last time I casually mentioned I'd like to build from new one day!
    Millie ^_^

  14. So simple, yet so beautiful! I just adore this style of decorating! Tracey x

  15. Beautiful house and each part of this house is awesome.
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