Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Relax a vou:)

From the depths of my tear sheet file I bring you this Home which epitomises relaxation for me. I adore the fact that for this shoot, they haven't rushed of to the Hardware shop to get paint to dickie up these chairs. The wreath is a whimsical touch too.

It is this shot that has always tempted me to take out our climbing Roses and replace them with Jasmine...maybe I will wait until our Arbour is painted white like this one.

Once again, this shot has given me something to ponder every time I am out on our back deck (which is quite large). I would love to enclose it with fly wire and some of those clear patio blinds and make it into and 'all weather room', which would be great for the boys...and entertaining. The whole scheme here I am in love with. It is just so relaxing, and I need some right about now.

Have a great day, Ness xx
images Home Beautiful..I think.


  1. Hi Just read your comment on Cathy's blog Simple Things Small Joys so thought I'd come for a visit. Love the magazine pics you have put into your post. There are so many things to inspire us.

  2. I love these pics - but Ness please, please don't pull out your climbing roses ever (roses, they are my thing )!
    Thank you for the lovely comment on French Essence today - can't wait to see the new shop.

  3. I agree with Vicki. Roses are roses even ,I have to say, I love the smell if jasmine coming from my neighbours backyard . Is sooo holiday or...?

  4. I am another "leave those roses girlfriend!" poster!
    What rose is it ?

  5. How great is the deck but you would have to use outdoor fabric otherwise our sun destroys everything, but love this idea too,I would live out there!

  6. Love the blue, white and taupe combination on the verandah - looks like a great place for entertaining or just reading a book.
    I agree with everyone else - keep the roses! Star jasmine is beautiful too though - I have it climbing my fences and hopefully they will soon cover them completely but with the water restrictions in Adelaide they are growing very slowly.

    Catherine xx

  7. Hi Ness - i remember that home, love it - i think it might have been in a Country Style mag. I certainly remember it and probably that is what sent me off loving my blues/beachy colours and painting our house! Subconscious and all that lol ! Mel xxx

  8. OMG, I am in love with your blog. I love every picture you've posted and then I look at your blog list and there I am. Why haven't I discovered your gorgeous blog before, forgive me. I'm going to quickly add you and I can tell you will be a favorite for sure!!

  9. Lovely photos, however if you have roses I think you would be dango to uproot them for jasmine also!!
    And, until you get the sunroom maybe a nice bubble bath and glass of wine would do??
    I have resorted to that for wonders!

  10. Thanks have talked me out of uprooting my Roses. I might add Jasmine to mingle through it?? Don't know yet. Judy, thanks for the tip on outdoor fabric..didn't think of that one. Garden Antqs Vintage..thanks for stopping by, and the wrap! I have been looking at your blog for a while but I don't think I have left a comment yet...which is SO not
    Mel, I thought you would give ma a virtual slap for even thinking about taking out my roses!
    Ness xx


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