Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Utilitarian Beauty...

I love how something so everyday, so normal can be made beautiful. Giving you a sense of satisfaction for completing an otherwise boring and mundane job. This Kitchen is very simple with a wash of white, herbs from the garden...and lots of natural light.

The lining room would be a very calm and relaxing spot after all that dish washing. More white (love the floors) and a nod to the nearby ocean with a shell perched amongst your cup of tea. The little display in the background on the old wooden piece breaks up the expanse of white.

I love this hallway. The bistro chairs have been left with flaking wood for a bit of texture along with the cane hats and baskets...and the little white wicker basket full of fresh flowers from the garden just go to show. The simple things in life are often the best.
Have a great day, Ness xx


  1. So love white floors, that would be my dream....One day!!!! My hubby is a if it is not painted it shouldn't be type of person and he gets so frustrated with me when I keep painting things white....He says it is like living in a snow storm and he is going to start bumping into things soon...Right !!!!!!!! LOL!!! Hope you are having a great day...Take care Cathy xx

  2. Cathy, You will have to tell your Husband that white painted floors are a lot easier to keep clean than wood ones. Have a look at my 'Painted Floor answers'post to see our Bedroom with white painted floors if you need back up...I always find that back up helps..he he.
    Ness xx

  3. Great post Ness...I would love those floors. A simple but very beautiful home. Amanda x

  4. No contest - post of the week! I had a good chuckle @ Cathy's comment, except in our case its MOTH who wants the white floors & I'm the relucant one. But after you posted your how to instructions, I'm slowly coming around.
    Millie ^_^

  5. Love your taste Ness. In fact I have these very same pictures in my style file.


  6. Once again you posted a gem! I love the simplicity of the space & the white floors also!

  7. I love the casual beauty of these rooms.
    I can imagine putting on one of those straw hats and taking a relaxing stroll on the beach, or maybe in the garden to pick those little flowers in the basket in the hallway. Sublime simplicity!


  8. Little lovely place and white floors are so great for cottage style or beach houses.

  9. Thanks for your comments.
    I did have a laugh last night as Mic (Hubby) said to me 'See I am not the only Husband who thinks he lives in a snow storm', he had read Cathy's comment!


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