Wednesday, November 12, 2008

French Fancy PART 2

As promised yesterday I bring you the new loft of Liz Pierce. She is still using a lot of her old pieces, except she has moved them to another room or put them into storage. That way they always look fresh. This time Liz has gone for print instead of totally white slipcovers. She has also added a padded screen to create 'rooms', this way the space seems a touch larger. Same 'Suspendu' light, Chandelier and table. A touch of drama has been added to the table with the Tortured Willow and glorious glass candle sticks. The floor looks a little more vintage in this shot too.
I didn't have a before shot of this little nook. I can tell you though that Liz has added a Vetri Mushroom lamp and silver spotlight floor lamp. She has kept all of her Gothic sconces and the Chandelier is in the same spot. There is pattern on the chair and cushions that wasn't there before.

Liz has broken her 'only vintage/ second hand' decorating philosophy and added the Philippe Starck 'Louis ghost chair' which doesn't weigh the already tiny space down. With storage space being a huge issue in this tiny loft, Liz has put to use her walls for her huge collection of books. How great would it look if the bindings were painted white?

The urn in this photo is from the living area floor (it had the blue baubles in) and has been re-used as a display center piece. I love the vintage wooden mannequin with the piles of antique French literature underneath. The play in textures and colour is lovely.

This was one of my favourite areas in the 'before' shot. I love the red cross cushion, but I don't think I would cover that gorgeous Louis chair...I just couldn't! Still pools of curtain on the floor. The slight re-arrangements make for a whole new fabulous loft space that still screams 'Francophile', but in the heart of it!
Ness xx


  1. I love the photo's in this post and your other one. I've booked these pages and go back time and time again!!

  2. Great photos. Curtain fabric on the first picture is so interesting.

  3. Hi Ness.
    I love both versions of Liz Dougherty Pierce's loft.
    Although if I had to pick a favorite, I think I like the "After" a wee bit more. It's a little bit more playful and layered. I like the addition of pieces like the Phillipe Stark chair, and I'm a big fan of old mannequins.
    Thank you for sharing.


  4. Oh, I want to live there.
    Thanks again!!

  5. I absolutely love that office/library with the Louis Ghost Chair - it's imperfectly perfect! Tracey x

  6. It is still perfect in every way even after she rearranged - I think this is how I decorate best by constantly moving things around.... I want her loft space!

  7. I discovered Liz Dougherty Pierce in the book New Cottage Style. I love her decor! Thank you for the images-I can't get enough! Nice blog and great etsy site.

  8. Just wanted to let you know I mentioned one of your photos on a blog at Apartment Therapy:

  9. What a fabulous loft. The addition of the Phillipe Starck chair dots the "i". The mannequin is glorious, sculptural and so fun. Thanks for showing us this great space. xo


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