Friday, November 7, 2008

Hello Gorgeous!

2009 Dandelion Calendar by Hello Hand Made
This is on my high priority Christmas list! It is the stunning Calendar for 2009 by the superb duo of Shanna and Betsy. Shanna is the Illustrator and Betsy does the fabulous Calligraphy. They are behind the new joint venture that is Hello Handmade.
Betsy's Calligraphy is so whimsical and beautiful...

...and Shanna's Dandelions are gorgeous.

This print is titled "Let it snow". This is another want on my list (hint, hint Mic).

The lyrics to the title song form the snow playful..and beautiful. They will be adding new items soon. Can't wait. Check out their shop HERE
Have a great Weekend, Ness xx


  1. What a great find. I love the use of a vintage hanger for the calander. I collect wood hangers and one day perhaps my closet will be only wood and not plastic or as Mommy Dearest would say, "No more wire Hangers!" Thanks, Heidi

  2. Love their work! Beautiful! Thanks for the intro, Ness! Also, for the sweet comment you left on my blog. Hope your wknd is great!

  3. I lovet the dandelions! It would make keeping track of life so beautiful! I hope Santa leaves this for you under the tree!

  4. Hi ness, isnt that beautiful. I didnt know how to email you but wanted to give you a link to the magazine article (photos) that was done a few years back. Of course i have changed my things and style quite a bit since then but thought you may want a look. It was Country Home Ideas Nov 2006 issue i guess?? Mel xxx


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