Monday, November 3, 2008

Here are my Treasures I promised to show you...

I promised you a while ago that I would show you my treasures I bought for $35.00 + delivery!!! I know, this one is a bit rough, though I have given it it's first coat of white undercoat and already it looks way came with the other door too, for $5.00! The men were about to take it to the tip!!! I think Mic wishes they did, lol. I plan to finish this in white, put new scallop pulls on the drawers and little handles on the doors (nickle I think) and replace the unit in our Kitchen. I will probably hang a big mirror above it.

This gorgeous cane bed was $ could I not snap that up?? All this needed was a good wash with soapy water.

I put it to use as a spare bed in my work would have to be the most comfortable bed I have ever laid in..and its cute.

This was $15.00 and it too just needed a good wash down, inside is perfect. I plan to turn this into a mini Armoire with some detailing on top and some glass knobs. Currently it is also in my work room keeping all my bits and pieces tidy. Oh, I also got 2 old shoe shining stools as well for $5.00. Since these photos have been taken, I have been back to the 'Shed' and picked up 2 more treasures...I'll show you soon...Ness xx


  1. Hi Ness.
    The pieces you picked up have such charming lines.
    I am a flea market kind of gal, so I love a good find!
    I look forward to seeing the final project.


  2. Great finds, I love the mini Armoire, looks like a really useful piece. Well done!

  3. Ooh goodie..what great finds you got there Ness. I had a bedhead like that growing up! I think mum still has it + the matching chair, stand etc...i will have to check it out next time i visit. The armoire is my favourite, they were fantastic bargains! Mel xxx

  4. You definitely found some treasures - I love them all. The bedhead looks fab and the other two will come up beautifully. I love doing up old furniture but I find it hard to find the space to paint it etc away from helpful little hands!

  5. Love the graceful curves of the first piece - it should come up beautifully. You have a good eye.

  6. Love the bed head & cannot wait to see what you do with the other pieces. Amanda x

  7. the bed looks fab and i can't wait for the finished drawers - nothing better than painted furniture. well spotted xv.

  8. Hi Ness! Love, LOVE the bed! It is so pretty! And I love your linens, nothing is better than white, so fresh and crisp.

    Lovely! ~Miss Kris~

  9. Clare, the little helpful hands thing is the reason it has taken me so long to do anything with them.
    They were such a great find and I will show you my two new pieces soon.
    Ness xx

  10. i just read that you live in tassie-do you go to the tipshop -i missed it when we came down under-

  11. Hi Oldflowers4me, I have been to the tipshop at Longford I am assuming. My Mum came too while she was visiting from the Mainland and she bought me a beautiful old Pie Safe for $1.00...I think I have inherited her genes for a bargain!!


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