Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have just fallen in love with these beautiful pieces of creative decorating. They are wallpapers hand painted on silk. The range is made by Misha, who have a showroom in Milan.
The range has branched out to furniture pieces, flooring and blinds and can be customised to the clients choice. I have included some of my favourites from there range, but they are all just as beautiful...and the furniture is so different and creative. I am loving the little side tables (top photo) and have thought of a thousand designs that I would incorporate them into. Check out their website here.
Ness xx

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  1. Ness -
    I really enjoyed visiting the MIsha website.
    The panels are very similar to the DeGournay wallpaper that I installed in a recent dining room.
    I love the coffee and side tables as well as the screens. I will need to look into how expensive it will be to have items shipped to the States.

    How many times can I thank you for your inspiration?
    Hope you aren't getting too bored of that comment.



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