Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Perfect Office...

Would have some sort of fantastic meeting corner with feature
wallpapered wall and Chandelier...
A gorgeous colour scheme, great detailed desk and loads of shelves...

image - Sarah Richardson
Linen and white covered books with Calligraphy writing (which I would do myself)
so I can see what I am looking for...

image - Giannetti Home
Absolutely would have to have the 'Charlie Chair'...thanks Brooke! In white...

image - via White And Wander
Three lights over my work area in either clear glass like this, or milk glass...

image - Unknown
Some very dramatic paintings of my favourite decorating elements,
Chandelier and Louis Chair, side by side...

image - Weatherstrong
And ultimately, it would be housed in something like this. Except, I would have a bank of French Doors where those front windows are, loads of lavender and European Box Hedges, and daisies around..ahhh, to dream.
Ness xx


  1. Very nice office inspirations, Ness!
    I copied for my file last image. I would love it in my backyard as an office/guest house.
    Thank You

  2. Yes i would like that last one too...kind of like a girls version of a shed!! Mel xxx

  3. I dream of having a little building for an office like this some day too. My husband has promised that my dream will someday become a reality. He's the best :)

  4. I love that we all hyperventilate over the same things.....the wallpaper, chandelier, detailed desk and shelves, glass lights and gorgeous rococo prints... perfection! A-M xx

  5. Would never want to leave & go home Ness!
    Millie ^_^

  6. OOhh, I think that's close to my perfect office as well! Thanks for the inspiring picks! :D

  7. The Charlie chair and I are honored to be included in your dream office.
    What a charming cottage it would be to work in.
    I would never get anything done in there. I would be too busy looking around at all of the beauty and day dreaming!


  8. I would love to have a little 'escape house' like this where I wouldn't have to think about children, housework and the like, and I could shut the door on it all when I amdone and not have to think about work when I am in our house....one day!
    Ness xx

  9. I need a house like this too! Your images are torture for me! They are so beautiful! I love the wallpaper in the first the desk in the second..Oh what am I saying...I love it all!!


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