Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not Long...

image - Skona Hem
I felt like a Chrismas photo today. It is pouring here and miserable...and I have a sick 2 year old, to the Doctors again!
Have a great day, Ness xx


  1. Nothing like a bit of Christmas to cheer you up. Hope your little one gets better soon. It poured all night here more problems for Brisbane but at least its not cold.
    Love your Etsy things too i meant to say earlier....Mel xxx

  2. Ness!!!! This image actually took my breathe away.....I can honestly say that I have not seen such a beautiful colourful picture in a while and this one is amazing!! Can I ask what you email is?? It wont let me access it off your blog page!! I got the beautiful glass based lamp when I worked at Lily G. It was a bit broken so I got it in a sale. You could never tell it was broken though!! I will try to find out where it came from :) You blog is looking so gorgeous. You really inspire me!! Love Kate xoxo

  3. Hope the little one is better soon. It's pouring here too, so I'm off to paint the hallway (white of course!)

  4. I really needed that gorgeous touch of red today Ness, thanks! Hope your little one is soon on the mend.
    Millie ^_^

  5. A wonderful wreath - such a great idea. I hope your poor baby recovers soon (and you too - I remember two year olds, totally divine and totally tiring) xv

  6. Poor thing! Nothing worse than sick kids...hope they are feeling better soon! Love the Christmas inspiration - the red wreath if very cute! Tracey x

  7. such a pretty photo, I'm putting up my tree this week-end so excited, I love Xmas. hope your little one feels better soon x

  8. Thanks Ladies,
    He is quite sick it turns out and on a dose of antibiotics.
    I am so ready to put up the tree. I want some of my tags for our tree this year, but I vant keep up with the orders to make some for myself!!
    Kate, my email is I will have to fix that. Thanks for letting me know.
    Ness xx


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