Monday, November 10, 2008

Pick-Me-Up Inspiration

image - oldbasics
Today because I am so ill I really need some inspiration, a pick-me-up, and thought what about some European inspiration? So here it is. I love this break front in the grey wash.

image - country living UK
Sorry, another Cupboard, divinely done in white and chicken wire.

image -Johanna vintage blog
This blog is beautiful. Johanna is the stylist for Mari Erikkson, who is a fantastic photographer..with a great blog too! That Chandelier is to die for.

image - unknown (sorry) I have this in my file as the Norwegian shop Lusylfyt, but I can't seem to get the page back up to check. If anyone knows and could let me know so I can fix it that would be great. I found a little cupboard in the Shed I have talked about where I got my recent treasures from (click here to have a look) but it was already sold. :( What a great little Attic nook for a cup of tea.

image - Slettvol
Loving this Hampton's styling in Norway. I love everything about this room. Are they the tea light holders from Ikea on the table? OOH! I have heaps of those! The wing back chairs look great in that bitter chocolate colour. I seen that a lot lately, wing chairs at the head of the dining table. The more I see, the more I am loving it. Anyway, hope you are all well.
PS- Take a look at my Etsy shoppe, I made some new cushions yesterday. I am going to make some for myself I love them.
Ness xx


  1. Oh Ness! I hope you feel better! I love this post it makes me want to recover my furniture! I hope you are felling better soon, have a great day!

  2. hi ness...found your lovely blog via melsroseplace!!
    I HATE the fact that I love all types of decor..shabby chic...french provincial..slightly modern...
    oh well... i guess that is what makes life tres interessant? or whatever..
    hope you feel better soon,..
    take care andrea

  3. Just lovely images! I hope you are feeling better soon. A-M xx

  4. Ah a lovely post - you have great taste and style. Hope these images boost your spirits. Really loving Sletvoll at the moment. Visited your cushions on ETSY - they are lovely. Especially love the eye doctor one.
    Get better soon.

  5. Hi Ness!

    I can always count on you for inspiration! Lovely post, I saw your new cushions right away & I checked those out,LOVE THEM!!!

  6. Hi Ness - i hope you are feeling better - those images are lovely - i am definitely having white painted floors somewhere someday! Mel xxx

  7. Hi Andrea,
    Welcome and thanks for visiting.

    Thanks for all of your 'get well' thoughts...I need it!! and also thanks for the lovely comments on my new cushions...I love them too.
    Ness xx


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