Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Renovation Inspiration...

With all of our thoughts going to our newly planned Veranda and French Door reno, I have been looking through some of my favourite designers projects I have saved for inspiration, and came across these by Nancy Fishelson. Since we plan to go all white inside I want to keep some texture and contrast by adding vintage signs and furniture pieces...like this.

Ah! The white Kitchen..finally I have made up my mind about the colour. I have always planned on a sign above our Kitchen window to break up the large space between window and ceiling. I love this room...very user friendly and not too precious, even though it is all white. Love the milk glass shades.

Nancy's room is beautiful. Every surface is is some shade of white and looks loved...not fussed over, which is SO what I need with boys 4 and 2. I am stealing the white Hydrangea-in-big-basket idea!

That Chair is fabulous. Except at my place Brooke, I would have a white Charlie Chair here. lol!
I have some little drawers like that in an aged sage green on its way from my Dad soon..can't wait.

Nancy's whole Home is so welcoming. All the surfaces are scrubbed and worn, yet still beautiful. You feel you could pull up a chair and throw your feet up on the nearest stool and not worry about leaving a mark. I love that idea and it is something I hope to replicate for our little makeover. Oh, I am also stealing the White Hydrangea-in-old-wine-barrel idea...ta Nancy!
Ness xx


  1. Good luck with your reno. Can't wait to see the pics of the final results.
    I love Nancy Fishelson's work too - so pure, homely and calm. Did you see the post I did on her last week? Her latest home is for sale. Wonder if it comes with all the furniture too...

  2. Love that tub. Interested to see the after shot of your buffet. Heidi

  3. I'm so excited for you Ness!! I look forward to all the pics of your reno journey. What wonderfully inspiration images you have posted. I love them all. I want to steal the hydrangeas in a barrel idea also!

    Anna :)

  4. Don't you just love the tub in the bedroom?
    With a tub that beautiful who would want to sleep next to it?
    Thank you for the introduction to Nancy's work.
    So charming and lovely.


  5. Just a fabulous post Ness! Like everyone else I love everything about these rooms. As all my boys would say "Too easy!!"
    Millie ^_^

  6. i think white is the color of dreams -your blog world is divine..singing and skipping-jo

  7. I really think this look is beautiful...love every one of those piccies/rooms. Mel xxx

  8. I could move in right now. What a beautiful, beautiful home. sigh.

  9. Very beautiful inspirational pictures. Your place will be amazing .Can't wait to see the photos of the final results.

  10. I love all these images!!!! Our tastes are EXTREMELY similar (LOL)!!!!Luv C xx


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