Friday, November 21, 2008

What!! This is the guesthouse??

...this is a guesthouse that I would live in permanently.
Awash with light, natural elements, and lots of light colours. It is only small (where!), but full of space savvy ideas.
The crewel work cushions offer a textural element to the white lounge, along with the sisal rug. And all of the trunks, baskets and smaller accessories provide a stashing place for anything and everything.

The Cottage is located behind Designer Leslie Allen's parents home and accommodates all of their children and grandchildren at various times of the year, from a weekend to a week or more...yep I could live there. (Wonder what the Main house looks like!!)

I love this floor in the screened porch, made from Blue stone. Our own home is built on it, and I can tell you, it will withstand ANYTHING!
Everything here is user friendly and nothing is too precious. Washable covers, sweep clean floors and loads of seating.

The short order Kitchen is so lovely with its Tongue-and-Groove boards and open shelving. Love that light fixture.

Another angle to the Kitchen shows the Dutch door, which is actually the main door. All of the other doors are the windows...French ones!

There are clever storage ideas everywhere. Like this space in the Kitchen, which has been put to good use as a mini office.

The Bathroom is delightful. I love the glass green tiles on the floor, which put a little gentle colour into the bathroom...which also keeps the seaside beach house theme going. Leslie also used little nooks between the stud walls to house storage cupboards which house all the Medicines and clever.

This is the home that has got me set on using these roman wicker shades for the backs of our French doors. I also love how she has added deep trim to the tongue and groove boards. They can now do duty as a casual gallery space, or act as a small shelf.

This is just beautiful, restful and un-fussy. Simple window treatments and loads of white linen. That green on the walls is so fresh and relaxing. Double door wardrobes are in all the rooms as there is no room for drawers.

These little wall mounted bedside table/shelves free up the floor space and keep the room uncluttered. The wall mounted lights are handy as there is no room for a lamp on the little table.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I am going to try and finish off my $5.00 sideboard (depending on how our little one is feeling). Ness xx


  1. What a lovely guesthome! I love the bedroom's little shelf nightstand. So pretty!!! My old home had one,lack of space & I loved it. Ness have a Great weekend and lots of luck getting your sideboard finished ^_^

    miss kris

  2. Well Ness this guesthouse is gorgeous, it looks about the same size as our whole house (LOL)!!!! Take care Cathy xx

  3. At the moment I would be happy with even a guest room, let alone something as special and spacious as this. If I were a guest here, I don't think I would ever leave! I particularly love the wall mounted bedside tables and that beautiful porch area.

  4. A gorgeous guest house! My house is not even quiet this big...I would never leave if I were invited to stay. Amanda x

  5. Lovely post Ness - a stunning place with lots of ideas to inspire!

  6. This guest house would be my dream come true.
    I have always imagined having a property by the water with a guest house to lure my children to come back and visit with their kids! This is a place where memories are made.
    Just lovely. I adore those metal counter tops! I wanted to do that in my kitchen, but it is quite expensive.
    Maybe the next house...


  7. When can I move in? I am in love with it. I love the shingles and windows and especialy the black shutters. Have a great weekend, HEidi

  8. This is just soooo gorgeous! Love all the touches of green with the white backdrop - couldn't be more perfect! Tracey x

  9. This truly is something special. I love all the muted tones and the fact it's mostly white but comfortably lived in. The bedroom is my favourite. I love the way the pillows match the green walls perfectly.

    Anna :)

  10. Oh, I could just go take a nap right there! I'm going to try & become their guest for a bit!


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