Monday, December 1, 2008

7 Things...

The lovely Brooke from Velvet & Linen has tagged me to tell you all 7 things about myself. I will explain the rules... Say who tagged you and link to their blog, share 7 things about yourself. Challenge 7 other blogs at the end of your post by naming their blog and linking to them. Let them know by leaving a message for goes!

1. I have always LOVED Christmas, and thought it would be a nice way to start. Don't you just love the orange rug on brown mottled carpet?

2. I was born 28th April, 1976 here in Australia. I was also the first one of my Family to be born here, all the others were born in Scotland. My Parents are both Scottish. I have always adored my Mum and Dad, and miss them terribly since we have moved across the water. Like some of you it was Mum that lead me down the path to Interior Design. She really instilled that into from an early age..always changing furniture, and restoring pieces that we all thought as kids should have been taken to the dump by Dad, Mum would persevere and turn it into some breath taking piece that others would you both!

3. I have two Sisters, Caroline and Linda and a Brother, David. This was taken on our Wedding day. From left-Caroline, Linda, David and his Wife, Belinda, Dad and Mum in the front. I have 6 Nieces and 1 Nephew.

4. I met my Husband Michael in 1994 at a club that I absolutely hated, so did he. We were both dragged there by our best mates, and the rest is history. This is us at Movie World in Qld, Aust...when we were both tremendously fit beings!!! Mic was a Cyclist and I was heavily into Swimming and starting on the Triathlete path when this was taken.

5. We were Married in June 1998 at Jamberoo in NSW in an old Art Deco Manor that had a sunken garden, which is were we had our ceremony. The whole occasion was herald by 2 Bagpipers that had played at my Brothers and Sisters Weddings. We were told that the Manor used to belong to Lady Packer and she used to bring here lovers there. I never looked into it, but it makes for an interesting story...we were 22.

The Men wore Kilts. From left- My Father-in-law, David. My little Daddy, My handsome Husband, and one part of our Bridal party, our Best Man, Gavin.

6. I always thought I would never get Married until I was 30, but by 28 I was Married and had sort of given birth to our first treasure, Declan. He was a sunroof Baby (Ceaser Section), but I didn't mind as long as they got him out. He is perfect in every way...

Two years and three months later, I sort of again gave birth to Mason (another Ceaser) that is it. I tell everyone who asks "No more small people are coming out of my stomach"!!

I adore this photo of Mic and Mason, not long after he was born, on the sofa asleep.

This is our littlest Cherub now with his beloved Bear.

7. I love to dance, and miss my Friends. This is one of my Bridesmaids and dear Friends, Tamie (on the right) when we were 19, about to hit the Nightclubs. I have made plenty of new friends here in Tassie, but my Friends from the Mainland I have know since I was young. It is a different type of Friend I think. We were more like Sisters (you too Mel (my Matron of Honour)).
Well, I actually enjoyed digging through my old photos. Now I have to pass this on - I would like to know more about...
Ness xx


  1. What a treat looking through your family album has been Ness! Those kilts on the boys - a big WOW! Thanks for tagging me, although I've got a few more years of album trawling (+ marriages!) to do than you!
    Millie ^_^

  2. Wow, we share a birthday, not many years apart!

  3. Great Post! It was fun finding out about you. loved the photos, especially the wedding ones with the kilts.:)
    xo Lidy

  4. Great post - such a great way to find out a little more about you and what makes you tick.
    I'm really chuffed you tagged me, so thanks! I'll post something up later this week - a good excuse to trawl through all my old photos.
    Enjoy the rest of the week and I hope the weather warms up in Tassie soon!

  5. Thank you so much Ness for participating.
    I loved getting to know you better.
    I didn't realize we had so much in common. I also got married at 22 and had Charlie when I was 28. Of course, he is now 15!

    Not surprisingly, you were a beautiful bride!
    Mic looked so handsome in his kilt.

    The picture of Mic and your little Mason is my favorite.


  6. Thanks for tagging me Brooke. I hadn't looked through our photos for ages and I really enjoyed it. I love our Wedding photos (thanks for the compliment) I always say 'you'll never look as good as you did on your Wedding day', which is a bit sad really!
    Ness xx

  7. Oh what a lovely post! Your Mum looks like a groover, your babies gorgeous and your wedding day, beautiful. I received my gorgeous tags thank you, exquisitely wrapped!!!........ and now a little bit of blogland is on my tree. I will take a photo and post! A-M xx

  8. A-M, I am so glad you like them. I would love to see a photo. Thanks for your comments on my life post. Mum will die when she sees that photo!
    Ness xx

  9. I do not know how i missed this one but a great 7 things Ness. Absolutely loved seeing all your piccies and finding out a lot more about you. Well we all knew you were great to begin with but so good to get to know you better. Mel xx

  10. Ness! I love this post! It's so nice to learn more about you! Your boys are so handsome and your wedding day~ exquisite! What a blessed and beautiful life :)
    Thank you for sharing~


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