Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Creative Christmas...

Another Christmas post today to get you in the mood. This home belongs to Jill Merkle in Atlanta in the states and is a calm, beautiful, shimmery and white Christmas setting. Here is an idea to use...grab an old picture frame, and cover with greenery - here it is Boxwood, and secure with wire, or even fishing line, and a big with what you have...and voila! a beautiful showpiece for your holiday decorating.

I adore this setting. Jill's mini tree is adorned with silver Tiffany's ornaments that they buy for the children each year. Ah, another idea...take an old wooden door, get a sheet of mirror glass cut to size of the top panel, glue in place with construction adhesive, prop up against a wall in a place that doesn't get a lot of light, and you have a beautiful conversation starter that helps bounce natural light around the room...or reflect something beautiful. Love the Magnolia leaf and boxwood garland over the stair rail. It picks up the rusty loveliness from the old urn.

There is just something about receiving a gift that isn't in dime store paper, has something handmade to it and has been thoughtfully done. Even if the contents aren't flash, you don't care...a lot of thought went into the whole gift...that's what makes it even more special. Here old sheet music (click here for a great free download site), wallpaper, fabric...what ever you have is put to use to create gifts that are presents in themselves.

I love this idea. Find another old door (salvage yards are best) and paint the main panel in Chalkboard Paint, prop up or fix to the Kitchen wall and you have a whimsical reminder for all the things you need to remember, or leave a 'I love you' message if you are first out the door before everyone else wakes. You can even get magnetic Chalkboard Paint so you can put up your bills too!

Don't forget all the other rooms of your home. You don't have to go berserk, just something small will make a statement, like this Eucalyptus wreath with a big white silk ribbon. I love the side lamps and old bench in this room...don't know if I could cope with a mirror over my bed...I have a issue with mirrors in the dark!! It looks lovely though.

Jill's Kitchen is beautiful. She designed the scroll brackets for her open shelves and has made a feature out of her island bench by painting it black. It doesn't make the room heavy, but creates a little European charm to the room. I hope today you find something creative to do in your own with what you have.

Ness xx

images - Country Home


  1. That chalkboard door is SUCH a great idea! I am becoming obsessed with old doors. Peeling paint gets me every time!

  2. So gorgeous...honestly i have to stop peeking here as it is making me start to hate my xmas decorations lol. Mel xx

  3. Oh my. I think my comment will be too voluminous if I talk about all of the things I love. The chalk board door is a fantastic idea, especially on an old vintage door.
    I must admit at my age a mirror in the bedroom is an absolute no no, but the eucalyptus wreath is lovely.
    Jill's kitchen is filled with my shelves and storage baskets. What a lovely home.
    Another wonderful post, Ness.


  4. Althought the Award for the most uncrafty clutzy person of all time sits on my mantle, today in between client calls, I stoppped by the floral wholesaler & yes, wait for it, bought supplies!!

    The Laurel Hedge (the real one, not the blog!)is monstrous at the moment, so I want to do a couple of Laurel Wreaths this year - wish me luck, if I'm successful I'll be back to try some of these fantastic ideas - thanks Ness!
    Millie ^_^

  5. Millie, let me know how you go. I would love to see a photo of your wreaths.
    Mel, your home will never look bad. You will just have to flag your new ideas for next xmas.
    Peeling paint is a thing for me to Mel (vintage chair)
    Ness xx

  6. What an inspiring post. I especially love the blackboard idea - great for a kids room too don't you think?
    And thanks for you lovely comment on my blog (and for tagging me in the first place!)
    Catherine xx

  7. gorgeous and extra gorgeous - love all the ideas. How clever is the old picture frame? xv

  8. Love all your Christmas images - so gorgeous!

  9. Ness, you rock gf! I am LOVING this home! It's stunning, and I LOVE all the Christmas inspiration that's come with it. Just like everyone else I especially love the blackboard idea. I always had planned on making a blackboard statement in my kitchen someday with a gold ornate frame but now I'm loving the old door idea more.

    Anna :)

  10. What a lovely post, divine images. I feel torn seeing all the wonderful xmas posts that everyone is doing at the moment - I adore xmas, especially the decorating of house and tree, however I feel a little sad this year as I think my studio flat is just too small to accommodate a tree, I pining for one - I think I'll have to get inventive......

  11. Vanya,
    What about a beautiful branch covered in white lights, in a iron urn or terracotta pot?? I have seen this a lot lately and it looks fantastic.
    Ness xx


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