Thursday, December 18, 2008 get you in the mood!

As we are not far away from 'The Day', I thought a clean out of my Christmas pictures was in order, and also to give you all some inspiration for last minute decorating.

image- Country Home
A welcoming entrance is a must, and these beautiful knitted stockings and fresh garland
are simply beautiful.
Not that we need one in Australia, then again with the weather we have been having here
of late...a roaring fire. That huge wreath is divine.

image - Baileys

Simple recycled glass ornaments for a beautiful display..and a gift for unexpected guests.

image - Tricia Foley
Oh, I love this shot of Tricia's Bedroom.
image - Australian Woman's Weekly

image - Swish and Swanky
Amanda bought some of my tags and this is what she done with them.
She used wallpaper, beautiful ribbons and my tags to
create gifts with a difference. They look great Amanda!!

image - Mari Erikson Photography
Even an all white Christmas setting can be festive...and beautiful.

image - Ideal Home
Then again, a traditional setting is so homely and reminds me of a childhood Christmas, full of wonder and amazement.

I hope this all gets you in the mood...Ness xx


  1. lovely, lovely, lovely. Off to cut more greenery, xv.

  2. These are so lovely...i went xmas shopping tonight and must admit i loved seeing all the decorations (which are now on sale already) but truthfully because i put up my stuff SO EARLY i am ready to take it all down!!! Next year i will be better behaved but i must admit the images you have shown are gorgeous and have given lots of ideas for 2009. Mel xxx

  3. Ness-Happy Holidays! Everything in these pictures just looks so pretty!! I want to move in all these houses. Thanks for a wonderful blog and I'm sure they'll even be more to come in the next year.

  4. Sometimes the greenery itself is so much prettier without all the ornaments and fuss... I love the fireplace with the bow of greenery (and the whimsical sconces flanking it!) and I had never thought of white tulips for Christmas.. how pretty they look! Thanks for the last minute inspiration.

  5. Just adore the first image Ness - those doors are just divine. And the greenery - well Vicki's right on the money here, I'm off to have a wander around the garden with my secateurs too.
    Millie ^_^

  6. Gorgeous photos. I really miss having a fireplace to decorate at Christmas (yours looks beautiful). An entry way with stairs would be nice too! I think I will have to make sure that my husband's next job move takes us somewhere colder again!

  7. All beautiful images but I love the last one best - looks really beautiful but lived in - very homely as you say. Feeling very Christmassy now!

  8. Me again, have a look at my post today and please play if you can....and only if and when you can. xv


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