Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nancy's...or is it??

I love this home. It just screams warmth, even though most of it is white.
It belongs, well belonged, to Nancy Fishelson. Now, I believe it belongs to Brooke's friends. Check her blog for photos of it now.

Nancy collects vintage Birdhouses, and this cute one is in her room. My Dad (oh, Mum and Dad turned up by surprise for a visit from the Mainland to spend Xmas with us) just made me a whole heap of Birdhouses that I am going to age. Hope they look as good.

Beautiful little arrangements of these Roses are found all over Nancy's home...
they come from her garden.

The Sun room is splendid. These plank seat chairs where her Mothers.
The steeple-like Birdhouse is beautiful.

Most of the vintage furniture Nancy has picked up has this very subdued yellow tone to it,
almost like Swedish furniture. I love it. It is a great friend to all the white, and gives the whole house a textural contrast.
This lamp base was once an old baluster from a staircase.

Another fine example of the vintage yellow toned furniture is this little unit in the Master bedroom. The candelabrum is another vintage find and pairs easily with that gorgeous ceiling tin framed mirror in the same family of colours as the unit and roses.

Kitchen love...These bricks on the floor were rescued from an office building. They look much happier here I bet. She put to use old wide plank flooring as the counter tops for 'something different'.

...oh, Bathroom love too! It is clean looking, not clinical,
full of vintage stunners and simple cotton voile.
Once again, this is a fine example of Nancy's work...even if it was her home.
Ness xx
images - country living


  1. I do so love your posts about Nancy Fischelson. I could like in any of her homes. That sun room is so beautiful. I must save that image for the future!
    Thank you for sharing another wonderful home


  2. splendid! I love the bathroom. Just as you said, it is clean, but not clinical. I am also coveting those birdhouses!

  3. I have these very same pictures Ness - I've got them stored in my 'style file'. I love everything about this house - the 'modern country look' - the lamp made from a balustrade, the bathroom, the bird houses, the little antique cupboards - everything! Can't wait to see what Nancy comes up with next.
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas with your mum and dad - what a lovely surprise for you!

  4. What a beautiful home and so inviting, xv.

  5. Can't wait to see those bird-houses once they receive the Ness touch.
    Millie ^_^

  6. Magical white sanctuary!
    Thanks for sharing, Ness.

  7. I think I am all out of photos of her home now (thank God you all say) so I won't bore you all for a while. I just really feel at home in these images.
    Ness xx


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