Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Style Icons' Christmas

For anyone who lives here in Australia, the name Maggie Tabberer is instantly recognisable. She has been a successful model, spokeswoman and general TV personality for as long as I can remember. For those of us who love timeless style...this is your Lady. These photos I have had in my file for two years now, and still Maggie gets the style right. Her Homes are phenomenal, beautiful...and usually white, and her Christmas decorating is never far from superb.

I don't know who her floral suppliers are, but I don't think I could find a flowering branch this time of year. Her table could be easily at any time of year. It is so elegant and sofisticated.

I think this was from another part of her home, or one of the others, but it too seems effortlessly put together. Even though the chairs don't match, they do! This would be my idea of a traditional Christmas setting without doing the whole cliched red and green theme. How soothing this is with the white, taupe and little hints of soft green...and some sparkle.
The Woman can decorate! For more on Maggie T's homes, have a look at Simply Natural. Catherine has done a few posts on the divine Mz T.
Ness xx
images-Aust Womans Weekly


  1. Isn't she just WONDERFUL!! what a stylish woman, have you read her biography or is it autobiography? Such an interesting life and i think she is just so stylish and graceful...Love you Maggie!! I also admire EVERY snippet of when her house/s are featured in mags,, i wish she would bring out a home book to be honest because it would be unreal. In fact i am going to try to email her management and suggest it! What do you think?
    Mel xx

  2. When you get them email address, let me know and I will email too. Hey, lets get all of us Aussies to email at once, then she will have to do it. I would love a book about here homes.
    Ness xx

  3. It seems impossible that I have not heard of this wonderful woman, even if I do live on the other side of the world. I just love those blossoming branches used as a floral arrangement on her table. I almost expect a humming bird to come flying into the room and land on one of those branches.
    I must snatch that idea for a spring time party.


  4. Right lets do it Ness...she just HAS TO do a book. Managed by Harry M Miller and the email for their office is hmm@harrymmiller.com
    i am going to email when i get home! Mel xx

  5. Isn't her style wonderful...love these images Ness. Amanda x

  6. Actually the agent that looks after her is called Lucie and her email is lucie@harrymmiller.com

    Sorry Lucie but i think you are going to get lots of emails wanting Maggie to do a home style book. Mel xx

  7. How about those magnificent, enormous salvaged doors?
    Went back and looked at your feature on Maggie's barn - a real departure in her style, but still stylish nonetheless.

  8. I love the mismatched chairs - perfect


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