Monday, December 22, 2008

This post is because.....

I spent all day yesterday painting our Kitchen, Dining, Living room and Hallway walls Chalk white...Mic hates it!! So now I am dressing the room with texture and natural pieces to see if it
makes it look any better to him...this is what this post is for - inspiration!
Those lanterns really anchor the room. We don't have the doors yet.
This room and the one above is beautiful, maybe I should add some topiary. I have loads of trees.

image - Country Home
I know the walls aren't white, but it is light. I have added some warm wood pieces, and loads of mirrors, no statues though.

image - Country Home
I have Hydrangeas and loads of wicker.

image - BH&G
A sisal mat is in place.....

image - Skona Hem
...and I threw this in because it's lovely.
We haven't got our wicker Roman blinds yet, our Vicki photos framed,
or the Linen side drapes yet, which I think
will add a lot of textural interest and make the space 'warmer' looking for Mic,
'til then I am fresh out of ideas...except paint again!!!
Ness xx


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment, I'm glad you enjoyed my blog.

    I think its gonna be all about texture, texture, texture that should warm it up; a bare white room can be very scary. If you can do some neutral coloured area rugs, not sure what your floor is, that could help also.

    Best of luck!

  2. Hi Vanya,
    We have big wide inch thick Tasmanian Oak floorboards which are 125 years old. They are a mix of honey, dark and warm browns and have hand forged nails in them. They do bring warmth into the place which is nice. I just hope when all the rest comes together he likes it...not nice to have your Husband hate the main living areas!
    Ness xx

  3. Gorgeous images as always Ness....I hope the colour grows on your hubby....I love it and your house will just look so nice when it is all finished....

  4. We had to do the same here Ness, except we used a parchment colour to paint over all the hideous brown open-faced brick + we painted the crappy brown woodwork white & initially it was a shock. However, what it's done is allow so much light into the spaces it is breath-taking. We both just love it.

    Try Mic with the line about the white being the perfect backdrop for all the accessories that you've listed in your post. And it's those things that give the room it's warmth & character. Good luck mate, MOTH reckons he'll have a chat with Mic if that would help!!
    Millie ^_^

  5. I am so sure that when you put everything in the room, it will warm up right away. Also, with white it's
    about texture, and sometimes just a little contrast - this is exactly what the beautiful photos you've chosen show. So tell Mic he's going to have to suspend judgement for a while till you can finish your magic. Oh, and sometimes it takes a couple of days for the paint to really, really dry (a tip from someone whose painted 3 houses). I can't wait to see everything when you're done!

  6. Hi Ness.
    I have no doubt that Mic will love your room when it is complete. Sometimes I have doubts about a room I am working on until I see it finished, filled with the things I love.
    BTW: Love that first image. The old shutters on the sides of the windows are beautiful in that all white room.


  7. You've captured some of my most favorite pics. I just love all the white and how it flows together. Happy Holidays, Theresa

  8. White can be a bit scary at first, it feels stark...but it sounds as though you have more than enough in the way of accessories to accent allowing the space to become inviting...I found never to judge a paint job the first 24 hrs...I'm sure Mic will come around once you work your magic with the accessories!! Best of luck!


  9. Hello Ness,
    Please don't repaint, I'm sure it looks perfect. One question does come to mind. Did you paint the walls the same color as the ceiling? if so maybe Mic would like it better if there was a little separation in color? Different tones of white in the room will spark lots of interest.

    The photos you posted are beautiful, hope to see some of your rooms when they are complete. :)

  10. Ness, what a nice blog you have! It really does take a little getting used to-with any color, but especially white for a lot of people. I was a bit cautious and chose a warm white (i.e. quite a bit of yellow in it) and now that I've lived with it a little while, I wish I had gone even whiter!

    I have to have my plants (consider a ficus-they're easy, classic, and provide a lot of visual presence) books and bookshelves, warm wood tones (especially old wood) and white painted wood (and black), gallery walls (with nice, wide white mattes in the frames), good natural light and good lighting. I love that you're going to use linen drapes. I also like a touch of sparkly stuff with all those rough, natural surfaces-mercury glass and polished nickel hardware; they were made for white rooms!

    The key is CONSISTENCY throughout the house-or at least the room; and not just with the big stuff like paint and flooring materials, but the accessories too. For example, if you limit your plants to pots in just terra cotta and white, it's visually cohesive and therefore a restful look.

    Anyway, you already know all this stuff! Trust yourself. Mic will get it when you're done with everything. By the way, check out Darryl Carter's new book, The New Traditional, you'll love it.

  11. Sounds like you are being very productive down there Ness. Is it Chalk usa or Chalk? We had Chalk usa in our old house which is a very warm white but the paint shop said "chalk" on its own is a cold white. Once you get all your stuff in and dress it up it will look wonderful i am sure and am looking forward to seeing more. Personally am looking fwd to decluttering after xmas and having lots of white thanks to you! Mel xx

  12. I am sure when you are all done he will love the room. Those things you have to add will make it feel warm and homey and personal. If it is anything like the pics you chose, it'll be wonderful.

  13. Hi Ness, my you've been a busy girl! I'm sure that once you put your special touches on the rooms he'll love it! It sounds like it going to be a dream!

    ~Have a very happy holiday, I'm sending very warm and merry wishes your way! I can't wait to see what you do to your beautiful home in the new year!!! Thank you for many days of beauty and inspiration. I am honored to have met you!

  14. Hi..can't remember how I found your blog, sorry.

    I think it is really stunning, :-)

  15. hello there down under ;) Thanks for visiting my blog, it is lovely to see a whole circle of new names in your blog and I will surely come back to visit your blog and put you in my links lis. THe combination of pictures is gorgeus. And I think everything about adding some linnen etc is already said in the comments. I am sure your floor aswell will warm it up ! Me myself I would like to put in some grey or black.. as totaly white must heart with all the sun you have. Especially the combination of white and zink objects or candles I really start to like.... As for getting used to white I think it takes some time. I White chalked my old kitchen table yesterday just like the one on the picture in the hallway... when it was done I thought I did not liked it but after a day I am starting to love it already.

    Happy 2009... today you live in my future as you will reach it first. Greetings from Holland;)

  16. Thank you so much for all your advice. I am liking the white, as I can see what it will be like once we get all the pieces in, but Mic is still not sure. We have talked about painting it a half strength Linen colour...not sure yet. Thanks to all the new commenters too I love reading all the advice, experiences and stories from you thanks.
    Ness xx


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