Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome Summer.

Yay! Summer is finally here, and guess what?'s raining, windy and a bit chilly! So, I have dug out these pictures to warm everyone up (in Australia). Hydrangeas say Summer to me and I love these ones in shades of green. My own have tiny little buds coming up on them...shouldn't be too long.
Imagine a lazy Sunday afternoon, after a hectic day of swimming at the beach, coming home to this big marshmallow white chair and relaxing with a good read...bliss!

I like the flow from yellow to the relaxing blue in the Bedroom. Normally it would seem to much, but the ample white, wicker, beaded boards and soft furnishings keep the feel of a beach house.
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend...Ness xx
images - BH & G


  1. Lovely images.
    Summer for us in Brisbane is here. We had hot , humid, sunny weekend and I think rest of the week will be the same.
    Have a great week Ness.

  2. Yes, limey green hydrangeas are my favorite. You are going into summer, but I am going into winter. I am in the midst of cutting by my lovely hydrangeas to their hibernating sticks! Thank you for the reminder of what will be this spring again!


  3. It is so hot here today but I am glad summer has arrived! The hydrangeas are beautiful! Amanda x

  4. This is seriously divine, I would love to fo on holiday here. I adore the colours and all that tongue and groove panelling.....heaven!

  5. It is so sad when you have to cut back all of your Summer flowers. At least you can dry Hydrangeas nicely.
    Ness xx


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