Monday, June 30, 2008

Office Re-do

I told you we were going to be busy this weekend.

We completely gutted the Garage and threw a Ute and Trailer load away.

While the boys tinkered out there, I moved the office/sewing room about.

Now you have to understand why...this room was originally all mine, until Mic my loving Husband moved the Slot Car Metropolis in and took over exactly

half the room (this room is really big). So, I had nowhere for my Mags, Fabric etc

to go and had to have a re shuffle to make it neat again.

It is only a quaint space, but mine.

Mum picked up the wreath at a home shop in town for $10, and all the other works are mine.

I managed to save this frame that I painted white from the depths

of the Garage, which is now the frame for my mood board.

Hope you all had a nice Weekend...Ness xx

Friday, June 27, 2008

If Your Brave...

Have a great weekend. We aren't camping, but this image from Country Home looked to me like a Winter camping image, except here in Tas at the moment you would need woolly knickers and a duvet body pouch to keep you from getting frost bite...bbbrrrrr!
...AAhhhh. This is more my idea of a weekend of relaxing. This serene porch is from House Beautiful. The rest of the house is stunning. Emma from whiteandwander has done a piece on it recently. We will be doing some things with the boys and catching up on some work. I am in the mood to re-do the office....look out Mic.
Take Care, Nessa xx

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Nitty Gritty.....

OK. I am getting into the real nitty gritty of the shop and have been not getting much sleep at night as I have so many ideas about decorating the head hurts! I would like to have a really light grey and white diamond pattern on the floor (its concrete). This pic is divine in itself but I am using it so Mum knows what I am talking about. The Hurricane lanterns on the table we will be stocking as well. Cab you could definitely have some wines out here when you move, hay?
I love the boldness of this pink stripe and have a wing back chair that will be a shop display piece. I was originally going to slip cover it in white, but now I am thinking colour and pattern...maybe a Amy Butler "Nigella" print. Any comments??
Ness xx
pics: Vogue, Aust Country Style

David Met Nicole

These quirky Bird Cage Lights would look great hanging in an outdoor room I think, definitely a conversation starter.
I love these necklaces made from Industrial pieces and antique fob watch keys. They are one off pieces though so you would have to be quick.
And these Map Cushions are so fun. I could imagine these in a beach house along a really squishy window seat or day bed. All of these items are from the oh so hip store 'David Met Nicole' in Sydney. Well worth a little look see.
Ness xx

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For the Stylist In Us All...

I would love two of these for the boys. They are so quaint and nostalgic.
bunches of this looks good....anywhere!
finally a little display for the Hall.
Hope you are all well,
Nessa xx
images- Vogue, Aust Country Style

Monday, June 23, 2008

Inspiring Childrens Rooms

Imagine if you had a playroom like this to keep you would never annoy your Mum while she was cooking Dinner. How cool is this room? I love the double desks for art and the big, bold floor cushions, also the stripe lounge (which would be forgiving too).
image from
These two rooms are adorable. I absolutely love the espresso cover with antique white and the blue. This room wouldn't need updating for ages. Declan, our just turned four year old would "like one of those beds". He does have good taste that child.
If I had a girl I would probably have a room like this for her. This room is all about being a girl I think. I could imagine being a teen in here too trying to hide the fact that you smudged Mums new Chanel lipstick on that lovely pink cover!
And no, I am not pregnant!!
Ness xx
image 2 and 3,

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Wish, I wish...

I wish I had a Living room as beautiful as this. As our boys are still in the jam hand stage we have only dared put chalk white below the chair rails! When they are a bit older I will hit Mic up again to re-do this area all white (fingers crosses he thinks it is a fab idea).
I love the curtains in this room which would do so well here in winter in Tas to keep the heat in the room (we just have Austrian blinds at present). I don't think there is anything that I do not like come to think of it.
The 2nd pic is of Sarah Richardson's office!!! I would move into this space I am thinking it is too good for an office, although I guess when you are there so much the space would need to be gorgeous. I just love her sense of colour and design, love it!
Hope you are all well and thank you those that have replied via email and the comments, it is lovely to meet you all.
Ness xx

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Most Wonderful Laundry Room

OK! I am so wanting a Laundry Room like this. I would spend all my time here I would think. It even has a place for all your Gardening bits and bobs. It is exactly the type of decor that would be in my dream Laundry...even down to the lighting. I love this. I actually found these pics at the house that a-m built. See the glass jars on the counter. I think I am going to get some of those when I go to the Gift Fair for the shop (and possibly some for the house). My Mum will love this room also...maybe we can do something like this in your next house Mum, what do you think?
Ness xx

Beautiful Blogs

Hi, I would like to introduce 2 gorgeous blogs I have come across recently. One is The House That A-M which is filled with loads of beautifully inspirational photos and some quirky blogs on the process of building your own home (been there!).
The other is from which is also full of lovely homes and lots of great styling and art/photography. When you get a minute, go and have a look, you won't be disappointed. Have a great day, Ness xx

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Love, Love, Loving

I am so loving the red French Linen cushions on this bed, and the details on this chair along with the red fabric and I definitely love the painting above this bed on a grassy meadow...oh and the red cover. I am having a red day I just realised.
Ness xx

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beautiful Bedrooms

Hi, Sorry I haven't posted in days. I have been tied up. I have a few friends that are Pregnant at the moment (hi girls!) so I wanted to show a beautiful babies crib that Sarah Richardson had done..I think my friends are all having girls you see.
The other is of a stunning bedroom, also S.R, that I put in because I love it.
Hope all is well...Ness xx

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ooo la la

I am just doing a quick post today. Caroline and I have been sewing all day and we are knackered! I found these posters recently at and thought they were too cute.
We made up some new bags and I will show you as soon as I take some photos.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Ness xx

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

Hi, It has been raining for the past few days here so I thought I would post this lovely room to warm me up, and also this room in white. I especially love the moody painting on the wall and the butlers table as a coffee table. The French Doors in this room is what we would like around our entire Home instead of windows (they remind me of "Somethings Gotta Give").
Caroline and I are going to have a sewing bee here at my place and get a few things done for the shop seeing the rain is set in. We went into town today (in the pouring rain) and I bought some awesome buttons for cushions and general bits and pieces for the Handbags, so it is all on for tomorrow.
I wanted to

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shabby Rooms

Hi all,
I wanted to show you these beautiful rooms from Rachel Ashwells' new online store for Shabby Chic. There is so many things over there that I want it is not funny. I have always loved her deliciously plump lounges and the amount of white she always includes in a room..lovely.
I am just doing a quick post tonight as I have to go and wash this hair colour out before I have none left!!
Hope everyone is well. Nessa xx

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Love...

I adore this room with its white painted floors (which I have done in our bedroom), and the peaceful overall feel of it all. I really love that floral pattern on the lounge, not too girly as it is in a neutral tone and the unfussy lack of decoration on the walls. It doesn't need it though as the texture in the rug and footstools adds a bit of interest...this is a room for me.
How nice is this bed...and the shutters...bliss!
pics: Home Beautiful

Monday, June 9, 2008

Beautiful Rooms

A very welcoming living room
Thought I would include a little nook from our guest room, seeing a few people wanted to see it.
Black+Spiro Display

Yay!!! We (Cab and I ) had a meeting with the owner of the Building where we want the shops to be. He took us on a Little tour of the whole place and we were both so excited I just wanted to do a little dance! My shop (I have called it this for about 5 years now), is so much better than I first thought, with a little store room out the back and a great display window. I just can't wait to get my hands on it....I'm so happy. Now the work really begins. Cab's Cafe is huge, with a massive Kitchen, alfresco dining area and a lovely indoor dining area as well. So we are now jumping out of our skins and have to go and sketch and plan our colour boards, shop layout etc.
This is the reason I included this shop display from Black+Spiro in Brisbane, Aust.
Hope all is well...
Ness xx :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Today I love..

Today I am loving, this black chair and the little wooden fern leaf on the mantel. I also love the casual feel of the living room with the Deer candlesticks and the earthy colours. These letters I found on a great blog, which is full of wonderful book reviews, decorating ideas. The blog author happens to be an editor at one of my fave magazines, Real Living. Right, now I am off to get some drawings done for the Shop. Ta Ta.
Ness xx

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Calming rooms

I found this lovely blue living room over at Habitually Chic, and had to use it. My Sister, Linda will love this. And, as I have just been cleaning the Bathroom and my white Claw Foot tub, I was inspired to have a look at Martha Stewart's bathrooms and found this photo of a tub exactly like mine. My eldest Sister, Caroline arrives today so I will post the guest room pics soon.
Hope all is well with everyone and have a great weekend...Ness xx
pic 1-habitually chic, pic 2-martha stewart

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gorgeous Porches

I would love a white porch...

with a chandelier....
and a white floor...
and beautiful curtains.

Well, you couldn't keep me away! My sewing/painting day didn't go very well as Declan had a tantrum in Spotlight (fabric store) and we HAD to leave.

I did see a heap of fabrics for my cushions/bags etc so I will stop there on the way to get Auntie from the airport on Saturday.

I am hanging to do something with the woodshed-turned-entertainment area we made at Xmas. I want to paint it and semi close it in. I have been looking around for ideas and had to show you these gorgeous pics from Country Home. Hope you like.

Ness xx

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Gorgeous Barn

Hi all,

Today I found this old picture of Maggie Tabberer's Barn in the Southern Highlands NSW. The photo is so old she may have sold by now. I think it is the sweetest little (ish) thing. The interior though is so stylish, like the owner that I put this lovely chair of hers in as well.
Thanks again to Alison at and to my buddy Shell for your recent comments, they are always welcome. I will let you know about the bags too, Shell.

I think tomorrow I will have a day off as I have ALOT of sewing & painting to catch up on. Saying that though, I am addicted to blogging and may not be able to stay away. Hope everyone has a great day...Ness xx

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Cab!

I would like to say a very Happy Birthday to my eldest sister, Caroline. Hope you have a fab day and I can't wait for you to get here on Saturday. I am in the middle of making the Guest Room a bit more appealing as we haven't done much in here. So, I have some guest room pics to show you (Sarah Richardson of course).

Have a great day...ness xx