Wednesday, January 7, 2009

$5.00 Sideboard is in place....

My bargain $5.00 sideboard is finally in place. This is it's second position, just near the living room. I love this combination of my favourite blue and white jars and this creamy, hand thrown jug and bowl my Sister bought me. I think the pink peonies and twisted willow set it off.

It is an awkward space, beside the back door and under an air conditioning unit.
I thought by putting it here, it would take the emphasis of the overhead unit
...and it does.
The sign was a bargain find at a Mic!!! The lantern was a Christmas gift off my Niece, Heather...thanks chook! I love it.

This was the first place I put it. Next to the big fireplace in the Kitchen...
wasn't to keen on it there. These photos were taken before I painted
the walls Chalk.

A few vintage pieces of mine set it off and it did look nice there, just a bad spot.
Small people kept running trucks into it!
I am happy with it now in it's current spot.
Next I will show you what we did with the living room, post white makeover, but still pre French door makeover. We are getting our front veranda started tomorrow, so stay tuned,
Ness xx
PS- As always, I would love to hear what you think. x


  1. Ness, the sideboard looks absolutely beautiful. You did a fantastic job on it -still can't believe you got such it for $5!

  2. Dang! $5................What a steal! Of course I know it didn't look like that when you bought it. It's a great feeling when you take a piece of junk and make it look like a million dollars! I love seeing pictures of you house, keep them coming!

  3. That is a bargain! It looks really good :) Love the blue&white jug and bowl!

  4. What an incredible find, and I love what you did with it!

    I just found your beautiful blog and will definitely be back. Often!

    xo Isa

  5. Wow...$5.00...I need to shop where you shop!!

    Love the looks perfect in the new location...great look!!

  6. What a great deal at only $5! And the vignettes are lovely!

  7. Holy Moly! That is beautiful! I love that it only cost $5. What a steal!

  8. what a beautiful piece! it looks fantastic and i adore the way you've accessorized it. the peonies really add a nice burst of color and are one of my favorite flowers.

  9. Hi Ness, I think it looks great! I love finding a bargain to turn into a treasure. Although I had too many so I have just sold a heap on ebay!

  10. Hello Ness,
    I was dying to seee the finished project! I could not have imagined a more beautiful sideboard! Great job, as always your creativity and ability to see beauty turned this sideboard into a grant piece of furniture! Beautifully done! Bravo!

  11. Oh my Ness - i am behind with your blog (school holidays will do that to you + dreaded work)...anyway that looks awesome, love the way you've styled it - it looks like the cover of a magazine, Mel xxx

  12. thanks for your comments about my little junk shop find. I am just glad it turned out and I really didn't have to send it to the dump!!

    Also, thanks to Blue Muse, Niartist, Theresa and Domestic Divas Fancy for stopping by. I love getting comments, and appreciate them all.
    Ness xx

  13. you only paid five bucks for that?!? Wow... I'm envious! Ha ha... I would have loved to find that.... sigh... It looks brilliant, the decor and everything!!! Great blog too, I shall def be back :)


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