Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bird Fancy...

I am loving anything with Birds on them at the moment (this is an ongoing love) and have discovered these gorgeous feathered friends on Etsy.

I love how these print's off an original oil painting have loads of vintage charm. They are full of colours I adore, and.....

Shutter Blue
...I have just bought this lovely! It is my treat for doing so well at the moment.

Sparkle Power
This one comes in loads of colours and reads at the bottom 'It's a hard world for little thing's'.
This should be my Family's motto, since we are all on the shorter side!

Add some drama to a room with this stunner!

Crank Bunny
The cards from this seller are mind blowing. They have coded cards which you an personalise your own love message inside. Your lover will get a little code which they have to 'crack' to receive your message. This one however, is one of the more simple cards, even then it is a pop up and the bird moves when you tug the petal...too cute!

Marley & Lockyer
Don't forget my own little cushion :>
All of these stores can be found at Etsy...and mine too!

Ness xx


  1. There is something so calming about these lovely little guys, My fav is your new purchase, love the blues. Oh and I could use that Armoire below. Awwww


  2. Oooo these are all so beautiful. Birds are wonderful - we have so many here that when I'm on the phone, they are so vocal, that people always ask me where I am.

    I love your purchase, and absolutely love the colors in that first print you posted. So calm and dreamy. Yum.

    xo Isa

  3. Love your pillow!@ and that first shot is to die for!!

  4. Thanks so much,
    I would love to get all three of those prints to hand in a series. I can't stop looking at them.
    Ness xx

  5. All of your bird picks are fabulous. So fun and now I am inspired to find some more. :)

  6. have noticed a lot of bird things in the shops have you seen Gail McCormack's bird paintings? They are so sweet(, Mel xx


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